Are you prepared for Disaster Preparedness? Have you prepared for a flood? Have you prepared for an earthquake? If you are in Los Angeles and surrounding areas, you can learn to prepare for disasters by visiting the page http://preparela.org/ or http://redcrossla.org/.

Some points of guidelines, among others, are :

ü       Put a flashlight, a sturdy pair of shoes and extra glasses (if you wear them) in a bag and tie it to the base of your headboard.

ü       Tell houseguests and babysitters about your emergency plans and show them where you keep your kit.

ü       A flood WATCH means a flood is possible in your area. A flood WARNING means a flood is occurring or will soon.

ü       The phone number for Poison Control is 1-800-222-1222. Post it by your phone.

ü       If you come across someone who’s hurt or unconscious, ask someone to call 911 or call 911 yourself before moving to care for the person.

ü       Back up your essential data often. Store the back-ups in  a fireproof safe, or somewhere off-site.

ü       Pick two meeting places for your family in case you need to evacuate your home - one nearby, and one about a mile away.

ü       The average person needs a gallon of water per day for drinking and sanitation. Be sure to keep enough in your emergency kit.

ü       Go to citizencorps.gov to find out if there’s a CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) in your neighborhood. If not, why not start one?

ü        Keep a whistle in your emergency kit. You may need it to attract attention and get help.

ü        Do you know where your nearest police station, fire station and hospital are?

ü        Keep cash in small denominations in your emergency kit. If the power is out after a disaster, ATMs and credit card machines won't work.

ü       If there's a fire in your home, get out first, then call 911.

ü       Test your smoke alarm twice a year. Everyone in your household should be familiar with the sound.

ü        Include a local map on your emergency kit. After a disaster, familiar routes may be blocked or closed.

ü        Never walk or drive through moving water. It’s stronger than you think.

ü        Nobody knows how to predict earthquakes. Be prepared for a quake at all times.

ü       Practice two escape routes from your house before you need to use them. You may have to escape in the dark, or through smoke.

ü       In LA, the Emergency Alert System will broadcast information on KFI 640 am and KNX 1070 am radio.

Do you have information about Disaster Preparedness in your city? Share it with us, email us at kjri@kjri-la.net, mention us on twitter @kjrilosangeles, or write on our facebook wall at Kjri La.