LA Welcomes the Indonesian Consul General With Welcome Bell


In order to welcome the arrival of the new Consul General Mr. Hadi Martono in Los Angeles, Councilman Tom LaBonge representing LA City Council rang the bell on the 27th floor LA City Hall. After the bell rang three times, Tom LaBonge formally say "Welcome to LA, Mr. Martono". The tradition of beating the bell is a custom of the members of the City Council to welcome the guest of honor in Los Angeles. This is done when the Consul General was accompanied by Economics Consul and Head of IIPC make courtesy call to Tom LaBonge as a member of the City Council and the President of the Sister City Inc. Los Angeles on November 12, 2010.

Before the bell phonation is conducted, Consul General was invited to attend the LA City Council Session, which was attended by the President of City Council, Councilman Eric Garcetti (13th District), President Pro Tem Councilman January Perry (9th District), Assistant to the President Pro Tem Councilman Deniis P. Zine (3rd District) and City Council Members of the 15 Districts of Los Angeles, including Councilman Tom LaBonge (4th District) who represents Hollywood and surrounding areas.

On the occasion Councilman Tom LaBonge introduced the Consul General to the President and Members of City Council and Los Angeles residents who attended. In addition, Councilman Tom LaBonge expressed his deep sorrow and sympathy for the calamity the Indonesian nation had just experienced both in the Mentawai and Mount Merapi. Councilman also said that representatives of Indonesia in Los Angeles has been actively participating in various activities both to advance the promotion of cultural, culinary and arts and tourism and business conducted through the container sister city (New York-LA) as well as on other various occasions and forums.

Meanwhile, the Consul General in brief remarks said he had just come to LA but already feel at home. Furthermore, it is said that his main task as the Consul General is to promote relations and cooperation between the two countries in various fields while protecting and serving citizens in the area of accreditation which covers eight states. Consulate is also a source of information for U.S. citizens who require a variety of information about Indonesia, either for tourism information, investment and trade. In a brief closing remarks, Consul General hopes this cooperation that has been well established can be enhanced and to cooperate more closely with the various components of society and government in Los Angeles.