Indonesia Young Entrepreneurs eyeing Business Opportunities in Los Angeles


The young Indonesian entrepreneurs who incorporated into the Indonesian Young Entrepreneurs Association (HIPMI) began to aggressively extend its business into the United States (U.S.). As a first step, they visit Los Angeles which is the largest port city in the U.S. to explore business opportunities.

The mission carried out by about 60 people from HIPMI board led by the chairman, Erwin Aksa. During the visit which took place on 25 to 27 November 2010, the group meet and discuss with business circles in Los Angeles.

Series of panel discussions, segmented discussions, and networking dinner held by the Indonesian Consulate General in Los Angeles (KJRI) to facilitate business meetings from 2 countries. The purpose of facilitation is to make space for Indonesian businessmen to build networks in Los Angeles.

"Consulate General RI of Los Angeles designed a program of activities that allow delegates HIPMI make networking work, the introduction of potentials and opportunities for cooperation and discussions with his counterparts in Los Angeles," said Consul Economic, Edi Suharto.

Discussion entitled "Indonesia-US Business Network: Opportunities and Challenges from Young Entrepreneurs' Perspective" was held on Friday, November 26, 2010, held on the 5th floor with the consulate building. It was attended by around 60 members and administrators as well as 15 people HIPMI U.S. businessmen.

In his speech, Consul General in Los Angeles Mr Hadi Martono said that the visit to Los Angeles HIPMI is the right step at least for two reasons.

"First, the U.S. is a country with the largest military and economic power. Although this country was hit by the economic crisis, but its importance in the global economy is still exist. Second, the current RI-US relations are in very good time. This is not only because of the Obama factor but also due to the more mature relations between the two countries," said Consul General.

Los Angeles alone, added Consul General, is the gateway of trade between Indonesia and all countries in Asia Pacific with the U.S.. LA is also an economic power, the world's 19th largest with a total GDP reached 514 billion U.S. dollars. LA's economic strength exceeds to even countries such as Sweden, Saudi Arabia, Norway, Austria, and Taiwan. "LA is also the center of midsize companies, in addition to several large companies included in the Fortune 500," continued the Consul General.

Meanwhile, Chairman Erwin Aksa said HIPMI, young entrepreneurs visit Indonesia to LA aims to build a wider network. "HIPMI come with the mission to continue to open and look for new opportunities with counterparts in the U.S., especially in Los Angeles," said Erwin. The panel discussion was divided into 2 sessions, with each session presents three speakers from HIPMI and local businesses. Six speakers were Director of LA Ports Authority, Mr. Norman Arikawa, President and Founder of the International Business Association (IBA) Global, Mr. Uwe Janssen, Representative HIPMI / Special Staff Head of BKPM, Br. Shilmi Karim, Managing Director Vnesto Capital / representative of OPIC (Overseas Private Investment Corporation) on the West Coast, Mr. Ricardo Tejada, Chairman, Asia-Pacific Film Festival, Mr. Abraham Ferrer, and Executive Producer Film Kingdom, Br. Priscilla Evalianitha.

In the evening after the discussion was over done, KJRI held a networking event dinner. The event was attended by about 60 people delegation HIPMI, 25 businessmen and professional people in the territory of Indonesia Consulate General Los Angeles, and 12 people representative of the Indonesian Students Association in the U.S. (PERMIAS). On the occasion the participants discussed each other personally and exchange contact in order to build a foundation for communicating with each other and explore opportunities for further collaboration.

Visit to LA itself is part of a long series HIPMI visit to the U.S., from San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Washington DC, to New York. After the LA, the group continued their trip by visiting HIPMI exhibition International Auto Show in Las Vegas 28-29 November 2010.