Indonesia Features on Rose Parade, Pasadena, 1st-3rd January 2012


Indonesia will proudly feature on the world’s stage of “the Tournament of Roses Parade” in Pasadena, California that will be held on 1st -3rd January 2012. The Rose Parade’s theme “Just Imagine” is directed to empower and inspire people of all ages to imagine what they want to accomplish in their lives and to fulfill their dream. In this event, Indonesia will promote the incredible diversity of the world’s largest archipelago, as one of the world’s finest tourism destination. This participation is the perfect way to start the New Year for “Wonderful Indonesia”, since the preceding of Indonesia participation in the 1996 Rose Parade.


In this event, Indonesia is proud to present on stage of Indonesian traditional art and cultural performances which will be seen by millions audiences around the world. Various dances and traditional cultures will be performed by talented Indonesian dancers and musicians. The two float features a Sumatran princess in a gesture of traditional welcome dance, followed by a stately Garuda, the mythical bird-like creature that is Indonesia’s national symbol. To witness the beauty, unique and wonderful of Indonesia’s culture is an experience not to be missed.


The Rose Parade 2012 will be participated by at least 49 participants representing their culture and flowery decorated floats with creative concept and design.


In short, “Indonesia’s feature on Rose Parade 2012 in Pasadena” is a fabulous showcase of Indonesia’s beauty and uniqueness, cultural performance, and traditions of Indonesia. This event is sponsored Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Creative Industry of the Republic of Indonesia with the support of the Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia and its community in Los Angeles.