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  1. This visa is also call a Temporary Stay Permit and is issued to applicants whose purpose of visit is to stay in Indonesia for a limited period.
  2. Applicants who are planning to stay for purposes such as: Working, Investment, Research, Study, Dependant, Repatriation, Retirementmay choose this type of visa.
  3. This type of visa is divided into several indexes; in which each visa index have different requirements. Please make sure that your type of visa fits your activity in Indonesia. ENGAGING TO AN ACTIVITY WITH IMPROPER VISA ARE SUBJECT TO PROSECUTION UNDER INDONESIA IMMIGRATION LAW. The Indexes are as follows:


  1. 311 & 312       : Limited Stay Visa for Working
  2. 313 & 314       : Limited Stay Visa for Foreign Investment
  3. 315                   : Limited Stay Visa for Research
  4. 316                   : Limited Stay Visa for Education (Student)
  5. 317                   : Limited Stay Visa for Family Reunification
  6. 318                   : Limited Stay Visa for Repatriation
  7. 319                   : Limited Stay Visa for Retirement (minimum 55 years old)
  8. 320                   : Limited Stay Visa for Working Holiday
  1. Type of entry: Single Entry for up to twelve months (issue upon authorisation from the Directorate General of Immigration in Jakarta, Indonesia). For more information on how to obtain the approval and the required documents by the Immigration Office, please visit this link:
  2. Validity of visa will be three months from the date of issue. NOTE: This is the period by which you will have to use the visa to enter Indonesia before it expires, as shown in the Expiry Date.
  3. To return the passport by post, a pre-paid, Self-Addressed Special Delivery Envelope should be provided.
  4. Visa is issued within three to five working days from receipt of application provided all documents are in order.


Required documents which should be submitted are as follows:


  1. Passport (with a minimum validity of 6 months from the date of entry into Indonesia).
  2. One completed visa application form.
  3. One coloured passport size photograph.
  4. A written approval from the Immigration Office in Indonesia.
  5. A letter of invitation/support from the applicant’s sponsors in Indonesia.
  6. Evidence of sufficient funds to maintain oneself whilst staying in Indonesia (e.g. a recent Bank Statement, etc.) or a third party letter guaranteeing to support the applicant financially during his/her stay, together with documentary evidence of ability to do so.
  7. Evidence of obligation in the applicant’s country of permanent residence (e.g. a letter from employer/ College, certifying the applicant’s intention to return after the visit to Indonesia).


Fee for a visit of up to twelve months must be paid £ 80.00.- either in postal order or bank draft only, payable to Indonesian Embassy which is non-refundable under any circumstances. Alternatively, fees can also be paid by debit card payment during collection​