Indonesia Re-elected as C-category Council member IMO 2009-2011


London - Indonesia has again been re-elected as a C-category council member of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) for the 2009-2011 period after gaining 132 of the 153 valid votes in the election. The election was held at the 26th IMO Assembly Meeting which was held in London on 27 November 2009. Members of IMO Council category C are nations which have specific interests in the field of maritime navigation and transportations and proportionally represent the geographic positions of IMO members. Indonesia finished third in the vote, a level higher than its position in 2007 when it finished fourth with 114 votes. The position is also better than those of the Philippines, Malaysia and Thailand and other Category C members such as Turkey, Malta, Egypt, Nigeria, South Africa, Chile, Bahama, Denmark, Mexico, Kenya, Saudi Arabia, Belgium, Australia and Jamaica. At his General Statement in the 26th IMO Assembly, Indonesian minister of transportation, Freddy Numberi, asserted that Indonesia as a maritime country and a developing country will continue to play its role as an IMO Council member especially by prioritizing safety in the country`s shipping and maritime activities. With its re-election Indonesia would be able to continue its important role as a member of IMO Council which it has played since 1973. The number of votes that it received also reflected the stronger mandate that Indonesia has from other members of the IMO to continue to play its ever-increasing role in the IMO. However, the re-election will also raise the country`s burden and responsibility especially with regard to efforts in assuring efficient shipping security and safety guarantee and protection of marine eco-system. Indonesia’s re-election was the result of hard work from all stakeholders dealing with marine resources and also from diplomatic approaches made by Indonesian representatives to other IMO member countries which was done in Britain, where the IMO headquarters is located, and through Indonesian Embassies in all IMO member countries.