Indonesian Films Screening


Takut (Faces of fear)
When: 7pm Friday 25 March
Where: Indonesian embassy

“7 directors, 6 stories, 1 emotion – FEAR!

Takut is a horror anthology movie, which was released in 2008. The film was first screened in a premiere in “Indonesia International Fantastic Film Festival 2008” in Jakarta and Bandung. Takut is a compilation of short horror films from 7 directors who produce six movies in one segment of the anthology.

These short films directed sequentially by Rako Prijanto, Riri Riza, Ray Nayoan, Robby Ertanto, Raditya Sidharta, and the Mo Brothers (Kim Stamboel & Timothy Tjahjanto). Takut was played at the International Film Festival Rotterdam 2009.

Alangkah Lucunya (negeri ini)
When: 7pm Friday 15 April
Where: Indonesian Embassy

The story is about Muluk a university graduate, who like many other graduates, can’t secure a job after two years of his graduation. He eventually meets with a pick-pocket, and is later introduced to his pick-pocket group and their boss. Thinking that he can change the lifestyle of these young thieves, he offers his expertise in managing their earnings by investing it. Not only that, he involves his friends in educating these young kids, hoping that one day they will earn money in a rightful way. Things turn unexpectedly when Muluk’s father, a religious figure, finds out about his ‘job’.

Released in April 2010, this film manages to portray many social issues in the country, from rampant corruption and poverty to education issues. Attracting a wide variety of audiences, this movie has received numerous awards both in and outside Indonesia.

What is so typical about movies from Deddy Mizwar? Apart that he starred in it too, it has a down to earth stories, regular cast and funny dialogue with sharp jabs at Indonesia’s current social political and economic condition.

Directed by Deddy Mizwar

Merah Putih (Red and White)
When: Friday 7pm 6 May
Where: Indonesian Embassy

MERAH PUTIH, the first film of the Freedom Trilogy, a three-film co-production by PT Media Desa Indonesia, owned by Hashim Djojohadikusumo, and international film production company Margate House, Ltd., owned by Rob Allyn and Jeremy Stewart. Set against a historically authentic backdrop of Indonesia struggle for independence in 1947 during the Van Mook offensive into the heart of republican territory in Central Java, MERAH PUTIH tells the story of a fictional band of freedom fighters who bond together as cadets to survive a massacre, fighting on as guerrilla soldiers to become true children of the nation, despite their sharp conflicts and deep differences in social class, ethnicity, geographic origin, religion and personality.

Directed by Yadi Sugandi