Call For Paper "Regional Free Trade Area: Challenges and Policy Responses"



The regional free trade area (R-FTA) is one form of trade block creation and leads to many issues including the possibilities of currency union within the region, the fiscal and monetary policy coordination, the trade policy, the structure and the dynamics of competition, the types of competition, the scale and the diversification specific country product, and finally the welfare impact issues.

The Bulletin of Monetary, Economics and Banking raises up those issues on its forthcoming 4th annual workshop on August 2010. We invite academians, practitioners and the policy makers around the world tp participate the workshop.


The sub themes of the workshop are, (but not limited to):

  1. Role of trade openness and financial openness to economy
  2. Does openness is the real poverty-reduction strategy?
  3. Global free trade vs regional free trade
  4. Rebalancing economic growth in the midst of global imbalances
  5. The winner and the Looser in Regional FTA
  6. The best practice of Regional Free Trade Area (R-FTA).
  7. R-FTA consequences on fiscal and monetary policy.
  8. R-FTA and the possibility of monetary union creation.
  9. R-FTA impact on the labor market and labor movement.
  10. R-FTA impact on capital market and capital movement.
  • Abstract Submission : May, 14th 2010
  • Acceptance Notification : June, 4th 2010
  • Full paper Submission : July, 14th 2010
  • Seat confirmation (for non-presenter) : July, 20th 2010
  • The Workshop : August, 4th 2010
  • You may submit the abstract first. The abstract can be in English or Bahasa Indonesia and should be less than 3 pages (A4, 12 New Times Roman). Please send the abstract along with the keywords, the JEL Classification code and your short Curriculum Vitae.
  • For a completed paper, you may send the full paper along with the abstract, the keywords, the JEL Classification code and Curriculum Vitae.
  • The presentation file of the accepted paper (the slide) should be sent before July 30th, 2010.
  • All files should be sent to: This workshop is authorized as an annual program of Bank Indonesia, please visit, however we intentionally use this 3rd party email to receive the submitted paper.
  • Confirmation from participants should be made before July 24th, 2010 (see the important date).
  • Accommodation for participants will be covered by organizer and travel expenses should be covered by participants themselves. We provide information on accommodation and transport facilities. The hotel booking should be confirmed 15 days before the workshop.
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