Diplomatic and Service Visa

Diplomatic visa is a visa issued for foreign citizens bearing diplomatic passport, for the conduct of diplomatic duties/assignments in Indonesia.

Service Visa is a visa issued for foreign citizens bearing service passport/Laissez-Passer United Nations, for the conduct of non-diplomatic duties/assignments in Indonesia.

In accordance with Agreement between Republic Indonesia and Portuguese Republic on Short-Term Stay Visa Exemption for Holder of Diplomatic, Service and Special Passports of 22 May 2012, Portuguese citizens holder of diplomatic, service and special passport shall not be required to obtain a visa to enter, transit and stay in the territory of the Republic of Indonesia for a period not exeeding thirty (30) days, counted from the day of each entry.

Portuguese citizens holder of diplomatic, service and special passport assinged as member of diplomatic or consular missions in the territory of the Republic of Indonesia, including their family member, shall be required to obtain approriate entry visa from Embassy prior to their entry.

  1. Passport with at least 6 months validity from the date of entry into Indonesia, which has at least one blank page for visa (amendment and endorsement pages cannot be used for visa)
  2. Completed and signed application form
  3. 2 photos
  4. Diplomatic / Verbal Note from Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  5. Curriculum Vitae

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