Legalization & Visa Fee

Based on the Circular Letter by Directorate General of Immigration no. IMI-1012.UM.01.01 2017 on the Visa on of Travel Documents, would like to inform as follow :

Foreigner Holder of Travel Document other than Passport, including:

  1. Laissez Passer;
  2. Titre de Voyage (for refugees);
  3. Travel Document;
  4. Document Identity;
  5. Alien Passport;
  6. Alien Travel Document;
  7. Emergency Passport; or
  8. Temporary Passport,

Visa may be granted upon approval by the Directorate General of Immigration. In addition to paying a Visa fee, all fees incurred from the application process to the Directorate General of Immigration shall be borne by the applicant.

Due to currency adjustment, effectively from 6 January 2017, new tariff for consular services is as follows:

 1.48 Pages:€ 25
 2.24 Pages:€ 10
B.SPLP:€ 5
 1.Single Visit:€ 50
 2.Multiple Visit (per year):€ 110
 3.Limited Stay < 6 Months:€ 55
 4.Limited Stay 6 Months – 1 Year:€ 105
 5.Limited Stay 1 Year – 2 Years:€ 180
 1.Commercial/Business Document:€ 125
 2.Non-commercial Documents:€ 25
 3.Document issued or has been legalized by Indonesian Government:€ 0
E.Attestation (Surat Keterangan)
 1.Surat Keterangan Pengganti SIM Indonesia:€ 20
 2.Surat Keterangan Jalan:€ 20

Surat Keterangan Usaha/Bisnis

(Commercial Attestation)

:€ 125
 4.Surat Keterangan Lainnya (Others):€ 20