Two Days with Indonesian Culture in Perú


On December 7 and December 8, 2010, the Angklung and dance groups of the Indonesian Embassy in Lima performed Indonesian cultures at a charity event Asociación de Damas de las Naciones, (UNIDAS ADNU-Peru) in the Jockey Club, Lima and at the church of Santa Teresita del Niño Jesus, to commemorate the 25th years the founding of the Congregation de Hermanas de la Virgen Maria del Monte Carmelo. Both events were each attended by more 100 invitees.

During the charity event of UNIDAS ADNU-Peru, on December 7, 2010, the Angklung team played five songs, namely Cielito Lindo, I'll be there, Guantanamera, Bungong Jeumpa and O Solo Mio. These songs were also played on December 8, 2010 at the event in the church of Santa Teresita del Niño Jesus, Distrito de Villa Maria del Triunfo and combined with the Umbrella dance (Tari Payung).

The Indonesian embassy´s participation in the charity event was based on the invitation of UNIDAS ADNU-Peru. This organization promotes social programs to help children from poor families in Peru by providing them proper access to education. Most of members of UNIDAS ADNU Peru are those who had worked at the United Nations.

The embassy´s participation in the church of Santa Teresita del Niño Jesus is a fulfillment to the Indonesian missionaries´ invitation who served in the church of Santa Teresita del Niño Jesus. Up to now, there are six Indonesian nuns who served at the church. They invite the embassy to represent the culture of Indonesia in front of the people in the surroundings.

Both cultural shows were applauded warmly by the audience. They gave a positive impression on Angklung´s music performances, a traditional Indonesian musical instrument that has just registered as a world cultural heritage by UNESCO.