The Wife´s Mayor of San Isidro Falls in Love with Batik


´´Quiero aprender como hacer Batik ´´, (I want to learn how to make batik), said the wife of the mayor of San Isidro, Lima, Perú, Señora Lourdes Salaverry after trying to practice how to make batik, under the supervision of the local staff of the Embassy, Tantan Rahmansyah, who had just completed a batik course in the village of Tanjung Donoharjo, the district of Ngagglek, Sleman, Yogyakarta.

For her, to make batik is a new and exciting experience that inspires her to further study how to make batik. To demonstrate her seriousness on batikk, Lourdes Salaverry requested the Indonesian embassy in Lima to give a special lesson about batik to the association that she leads.


The demonstration of how to make batik is a part of the embassy´s participation in the festival of San Isidro with a theme ''Abre Sus Puertas al Mundo''. The festival was organized by the municipality of San Isidro to commemorate 80 years of the founding of San Isidro. About 20 foreign representatives, such as Malaysia, Egypt, Cuba, Panama and Nicaragua, participated in the event. San Isidro has been known as the place of the majority of foreign representatives in Lima, Perú.

The event was opened by the Mayor of San Isidro, Raul A. Cantella Salaverry. In his speech, he informed that the festival aimed to providing opportunities for foreign representatives, which are situated in San Isidro, to introduce the cultural, touristic and gastronomic information to the residents of San Isidro.

The embassy also showed traditional art objects, such as masks, leather and wooden puppets, keris, songket and ikat weaving and distributed tourism brochures to the visitors. The Indonesian stand, which was decorated with beautiful objects, successfully stole the show and stood out from the crowd.It is clear that its cultural diversity is an asset to introduce Indonesia world-widely.

In the afternoon, the embassy participated in the session of cultural performances. The Angklung group played 6 Spanish songs and the dance group also performed the Pendet dance and the Tabal Gempita dance. In addition, the embassy also demonstrated traditional bridal costumes from the province of South Sumatra, Bengkulu, Central Java and East Kalimantan.

The visitors showed their appreciations to the richness of Indonesian culture which was exhibited in the stand and during the cultural performances. The participation of the the Indonesian embassy in Lima in the Festival of San Isidro provided a valuable opportunity to introduce Indonesia, particularly to the people of
??San Isidro, Lima, Perú.


According to the organizer, the festival is considered to be a successful event and gained wide attention from the media and local communities. The organizer plans to convene the same event next year.