Peru wants to learn Indonesia´s experience to combat the illegal distribution of Methamphetamine

DEVIDA, the Peruvian governmental institution that is responsible of guiding the lines to combat illegal drug trafficking, has the interest to study the experience of the National Narcotics Board of the Republic of Indonesia (BNN RI) to combat the illegal trafficking of Methamphetamine.  
This topic was of the main topics discussed in the meeting between the delegation of BNN RI and DEVIDA, that was hel on the 12th of February. The head of the Indonesian delegation, Coronel Jan de Fretes met with the Executive President of DEVIDA, Carmen Masías Claux.
In the meeting, BNN RI and DEVIDA reiterated the mutual commitment to fight against illicit drug trafficking. Both institutions signed an agreement last year to facilitate the cooperation in a number of areas.
The delegation of BNN RI also met with their counterparts in the DIRANDRO, a department in the Peruvian National Police that deals with the combat against illicit drug trafficking. In the meeting, the officials from DIRANDRO explained about the mission to fight against the cocaine production and distribution.  
It was agreed that DIRANDRO and BNN RI would cooperate in the investigation of the international drug syndicate that recruits Indonesian citizens as drug couriers. Until now, there are seven Indonesians who are detained in several prisons in Peru because of the case of drug smuggling.