Indonesian Ship Crews Celebrate the National Day in Lima


This year, the celebration of the 66th Independence Day at the Indonesian embassy in Lima has been more festive with the participation of 32 Indonesian ship crews who stopped over in Lima.  


´´Alhamdulillah (Praise to Allah), I am very happy´´, said Susno Al Amin, an Indonesian ship crew when he was asked how he felt after participating at the flag ceremony to celebrate the 66th Indonesian Independence Day. This man, who is originally from Tegal, Central Java, works at one Japanese ship with 9 other Indonesians.


For him, the experience of celebrating Indonesian independence day abroad, as in Lima, is not the first time. Before, he celebrated the independence day in Cape Town Afrika Selatan.


What Susno Al Amin has experienced portrays the same experience of thousands Indonesian ship crews who have to celebrate the Independence Day abroad. The distance that separate them from the beloved homeland has not let their nationalism vanished.  


In the midst of sad stories about Indonesian ship crews who have been treated harshly, the spirit of nationalism which is shown by Susno Al Amin and his friends should be acknowledged


In his speech, the Indonesian ambassador to Perú and Bolivia, Yosef Berty Fernandez expressed his appreciation to Indonesian ship crews who attended the ceremony.


The ambassador also conveyed that the celebration of the 66th Independence Day is the time to renew the nationalism and to keep the spirit of supporting national development.  


He also stated that the 66th celebration is an achievement of the process of nation building with all of its dynamics and obstacles that touch various fields, such as politics, economy, social and cultural field. In the field of politics, Indonesia has experienced political and social transformation which places Indonesia as the third biggest democratic country. In the field of economy, Indonesia has been undergoing a better economic situation.


A number of Indonesian citizens have participated in the celebration. According the data gathered by the Indonesian embassy, 70 Indonesians stay in Lima and its surroundings. It is estimated that 1000 Indonesian ship crews stop over at the port of Callao, Lima.