Indonesia Learns from Peru´s Experience in Marine-Products Processing


As two countries which are abundantly blessed with fish resources, cooperation in the fields of marine and fishery are possible for Indonesia and Peru.

This was discussed during a meeting between the Indonesian Minister for Marine Affairs and Fisheries of Indonesia, Fadel Muhammad and Peruvian academicians and fishmeal producers in Lima (12/10).

The meeting was conducted in the resident of the Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia for Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador. It was aimed to be an informal forum to exchange experiences in marine-products processing, such as seaweed and fishmeal. Peru is well-known for its biggest fishmeal processing industry in Pacific region, accounting for about 30 percent of global production.

To meet the domestic demand, Indonesia has imported fishmeal from various countries, including Peru. Based on the data from the Indonesian Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, fishmeal import amounts 12% from 100,8 tons of Indonesian import of marine products in 2010.

A day before (11/10), the Indonesian delegation, including the Minister visited Tecnologica de Alimentos (TASA), the biggest fishmeal-processing industry in Peru.

The meeting was held after the 3rd APEC Ocean-Related Ministerial Meeting (AOMM3) which was carried out in Paracas, Lima 11-12 October 2010. At the end of the AOMM3, 16 APEC member delegations signed the Declaration of Paracas which among others stressed the importance of APEC members´cooperation in the spheres of marine ecosystems, sustainable development and protection of the marine environment, research on the impact of climate change on the oceans, fishery and aquaculture.