An Indonesian Seminar in the Oldest University in Latin America


Indonesia, a country which is rich of marine products, still has to import fish meal from Peru. This interesting fact was revealed by the Ambassador to Peru and Bolivia, Yosef Berty Fernandez at the seminar ¨Indonesia in the San Marcos University¨ on December 2, 2010.

Imported fish meal from Peru is used as a main material for livestock food, particularly for chicken. With a joking tone, Ambassador Joseph Berty Fernandez said that Indonesia was continuing to import fishmeal because Indonesian chicken liked Peruvian fish meal better than fish meal made in Indonesia. Listening to this joke, the auditorium''''Salon de Grado filled with laughter from approximately 250 participants who attended the seminar.

The event was attended by the Dean of the Faculty of Economics, San Marcos University Mg. Campodónico Humberto Sánchez, the Director of the Asia Economic Faculty, Professor Carlos Aquino, and lecturers of the San Marcos University. The event aimed to introduce Indonesia to Peruvians, especially among academicians in the university.


San Marcos University is the oldest university in Latin America that was established in 1551. Many Peruvian famous figures were educated in this prestigious university, such as Víctor Raúl Haya de la Torre, founder of the APRA party,  one of the biggest political parties in Peru.

Ambassador Yosef Berty Fernandez delivered a presentation on the development of political, economic, social and cultural aspects in Indonesia, including Indonesian foreign policy and Indonesia's role in international forums such as ASEAN, APEC, FEALAC, NAM, G-77, G-15, G-20, Indonesian role in the UN and the development of 35 years of Indonesia-Peru relations. In addition, information about scholarships Darmasiswa was also delivered at the end of the presentation.

Ambassador Yosef Berty Fernandez expressed his appreciation to the San Marcos University which has been cooperative in organizing the seminar. It was expected that the seminar would provide information about Indonesia and became a means of brainstorming in order to improve relations between Indonesia-Peru. At the end of his presentation, the Ambassador said that although Indonesia and Peru had many differences, the two countries could cooperate continuously under the spirit of friendship.

Responding to the presentation that was delivered by Ambassador Yosef Fernandez, Professor Carlos Aquino explained that Peru could take a lesson from Indonesia´s developments in economic, political and socio-cultural aspects. Indonesia's role in building ASEAN could be an example for Peru to further develop regional cooperation between Peru and other countries in the Andina Community. This forum was established in 1969, two years after the establishment of ASEAN in 1967.
Through times, ASEAN is considered as a more advanced regional cooperation than the Andina Community is.

In addition, Professor Carlos Aquino also underscored the importance of knowing Indonesia, a country with diverse cultures, religions and lifestyles. "It is important to understand more about a country, in this case Indonesia, so that every cooperation can be well maintained and optimized", he explained.

In the end, the Dean of the Faculty of Economics UNMSM, Mg. Campodónico Humberto Sánchez, gave a memorable plaque to Ambassador Yosef Berty Fernandez. He expressed his hope that, more presentation about Indonesia from Indonesian officials or businessmen can be conducted in the future.

To enliven the atmosphere, the dance group and the Angklung team from the Indonesian Embassy in Lima performed two dances, Payung (Umbrella) and Saman, and Angklung musical play. These performances were enthusiastically appreciated by the participants who attended the seminar.


Written by:

Wahid Fairus Azis

Junior Diplomatic Course XXXV

Indonesian Embassy in Lima