An Indonesian Queen with Baju Bodo in Ica, Perú


The red ´´Baju Bodo´´ worn by Ruth Dhebora Santa Clara Gultom, an Indonesian representative at the event la 46 edición del Festival International de la Vendimia de Ica 2011, March 13, 2011 was admired by the citizens of Ica, Perú.

The phrase''''muy bonita (very beautiful) was addressed to express their admirations. Some of them even took pictures to capture the beauty of Baju Bodo. The local communities were curious to know about the dress and its additional accessories such as flower ornaments, necklaces and bracelets.


The regional government of Ica invited the Indonesian Embassy in Lima to participate in the grape harvest festival, held every year in the 2nd week of March. The festival is one of the biggest tourism events in Perú and is enlivened by a series of Peruvian cultural performances.


Each foreign mission in Lima also sent representatives as ´´the queen of the festival´´. Besides Indonesia, eight other countries, Ecuador, Colombia, Costa Rica, Egypt, Guatemala, Mexico, Panama and Chile, sent their queens to symbolize an exchange of cultures among the participating countries.


On the night of 13 March 2011, the queens were asked to wear traditional clothes and joined a car parade in Ica. On that occasion, Ruth Dhebora Santa Clara Gultom wore Baju Bodo to introduce the diversity of Indonesia.

To introduce Indonesian culture, the Indonesian embassy also performed three (3) Indonesian dances at two different places. On March 11, 2011, the dance group performed the umbrella dance (tari Payung) in front of local authorities of  the regional government of Ica. In the evening, the dance group performed two other dances, the dance of plate (tari Piring) and the dance of crazy bamboo (tari Bambu Gila) in Bodego Lazo, Camino de Reyes, San Juan Baustita.

The participation of Indonesia in the festival for the first time was appraised by the regional government of Ica. The cultural performances on the sidelines of the festival were considered by the organizers as a form of cultural exchanges that represented the objectives of inviting foreign missions in Perú.

Ica is a region located about 300 km from the capital city, Lima. The city is known as a producer of Pisco, Peruvian wine.  Aside from being a producer of wine, the city is also known as a producer of asparagus and paprika. Based on the official statistics, 65% of the agricultural exports of Perú are from this region.


Lima, 14 March 2011