Ambassador Visits AJE GROUP Peru


AJE GROUP, the leading beverage company from Peru has expanded its business to Indonesia with the establishment of a subsidiary of PT. AJEINDONESIA that operates in Cikarang. The company produces and distributes Big Cola (535 ml); an international brand of AJE GROUP’s carbonated drink. Total production of PT. AJEINDONESIA is approximately 23 million bottles monthly.

On January 11, 2011, the Indonesian Ambassador Mr. Yosef Berty Fernandez to the Republic of Peru and Bolivia, accompanied by staff members of Indonesian Embassy, visited the beverage factory of AJEPER to acquire knowledge about the investment of AJE GROUP in Indonesia and to observe the processing and manufacturing of beverages. The visit was conducted to fulfill the invitation of the President Director of PT. AJEINDONESIA.

The Representative of AJE GROUP, Mrs. Añaños Jeri Vicky Marisa, the President Director of PT. AJEINDONESIA, Charly Federico Canales Larrea, the Managing Director of AJETHAI, Hernan Cordova, and managers of the company warmly welcomed the Indonesian Representatives in the factory. To give more information about the company, the Public Relation Manager of AJEPER, Mr. Carlos Velarde, gave a video presentation about the history of the establishment of AJE GROUP.

AJEPER is a Peruvian subsidiary of AJE GROUP that produces carbonated drinks (Kola Real or Big Cola and Oro), mineral water (Cielo), tea (Free Tea), juice (Pulp), energy drinks (Sporade and Volt), and beer (Franca and Club). The company is located in the capital city of Peru, Lima. AJE GROUP was built in 1988 by Añaños family in Ayacucho, a city in southern Peru. Nowadays, AJE GROUP has grown into a multinational company whose factories spread in 12 countries.