17 Indonesian Ship Crews Celebrated Idul Fitri in Lima


The faces of 17 Indonesian ship crews who attended the celebration of Idul Fitri in the Indonesian ambassador´s residence on the 31st of August, looked happy and content.


Among them, there was Susno Al Amin, a ship crew who has left his family in Tegal, Central Java for 3 months. Along with 16 other Indonesian ship crews, they have fasted and celebrated Idul Fitri in a way that is very different from fasting and celebrating Idul Fitri in Indonesia. 


The celebration of Idul Fitri is organized as a gathering moment for Indonesian citizens who live in Lima and its surroundings. The embassy notes that about 70 Indonesians live here. Besides them, it is estimated that about 1000 Indonesian citizens enter Perú every month. The majority of them are Indonesians who work as ship crews at foreign flag vessels. 


Indonesian missionaries also attend the celebration to extend their best regards to their Indonesian Muslim brothers. Their attendance has proven the mutual solidarity shared by Indonesians. Although living away from their homeland, the concept of Bhinneka Tunggal Ika is still believed by Indonesian citizens who live in Perú.