Press Release



No. 040/PENS/2/11

On behalf of the Government of Indonesia, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr. R.M. Marty M. Natalegawa addressed the latest developments in the situation in Egypt as follows:

  1. The Indonesian government congratulates the entire nation of Egypt that has been able to overcome the challenges facing today. The Indonesian government believes, as agreed by the people of Egypt, this will initiate the process of a peaceful and inclusive democracy transition in which all Egyptians can participate.
  2. The Indonesian government also believes, this transition process will run well and deliver Egypt as a democratic, more advanced and stronger country.
  3. The Indonesian government believes that Egypt will continue playing an important role in the region, including in the efforts of promoting the peace process in the Middle East, and in enhancing the friendship between Indonesia and Egypt.
  4.  As a country that has undergone democratic transition, Indonesia is ready to share the experience of Indonesia in the processes of reformation, democratic transition and political system transformation.
  5. Indonesia will support Egypt in its efforts towards democratic transition and in mutual efforts to realize a peaceful Middle East.

(source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs)