Ambassador´s speech at the Closing Ceremony of the Workshop of BNN RI at Lima, 25 April 2012



Ladies and gentlemen,


Good morning,


I would like to express my sincerest gratitude for your presence at this closing session of the workshop that is organized by the Indonesian embassy, National Narcotics Board of the Republic of Indonesia and DIRANDRO.


I would like to mention that without the assistance of several parties, especially DIRANDRO and the school of Anti-Drugs of DIRANDRO, this workshop would have been impossible.


Ladies and gentlemen,


The themes that had been shared for the past three days are based on the Indonesian experience in combating illegal drug trafficking. As the fourth most populous nation in the world with about 237 million people, the danger of the drug problems is alarming.


For that reason, our government seriously emphasizes the effort to combat illegal drug trafficking. We even have set Indonesia as a drug free zone on 2015. This goal will go hand in hand with the goal of Drug Free ASEAN 2015, which was declared at the 33rd ASEAN Ministerial Meeting on the year of 2000, which was held in Bangkok, Thailand.


This workshop signifies the readiness of Indonesia and Peru to cooperate more, bilaterally and internationally to tackle the drug problem.


Ladies and gentlemen,


I would like also to extend my gratitude to 4 Indonesian experts from the National Narcotics Board of the Republic of Indonesia who have shared their knowledge with us. They are Coronel de la Policía-Sra. Sundari, Teniente Coronel de la Policía-Sr. Suwanto, Mayor de la Policía-Sr. Albert, and Mayor de la Policía- Sra. Reni Puspita.


Hopefully in the near future, some experts from DIRANDRO will also have the chance to visit  Indonesia and share their knowledge.


I sincerely hope that this workshop will open ways to improve our future cooperation.  


Thank you.