Ambassador´s Speech at the Prize Award Ceremony for the Writing Contest Organized with REDAP, 27 September 2012



Dr. José Pereyra,  Vicerrector Académico de la UPC

Mag. María Cecilia Pérez, Profesora Principal de la Facultad de Negocios de la UPC y Coordinadora de la REDAP

Dr. Carlos Aquino, Profesor Principal Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos

Distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen


Good evening,


I am very pleased today to attend this ceremonia de premiación del V Concurso de Investigación Universitaria  Juan Abugattás  “Cómo Aprovechar el APEC PERU 2008 en la era de los TLC”.


I am also very proud to see all of the winners who are here tonight and honour them for their hard work in their research.


I would like to thank the UPC and REDAP which have invited us to be a co-sponsor of this writing competition.  Personally, I thank also Dr. Carlos Aquino who came with the idea and Mag. María Cecilia Pérez for her colaboration in preparing the event.


Ladies and gentlemen,


The theme of the investigation really reflects the importance of APEC in world economy which is now moving towards to trade liberalisation.


The most recent research said that though trade performance varied across the region in the first half of 2012,  due to weak global demand and sharp falls in commodity prices, APEC members’ economic growth has been fairly robust and resilient.


Although we are in the time of uncertainty, the future for Asia Pacific region is promising. In the future,  Asia Pacific region will continue to serve as a major engine for the world economy and key driver for international trade and investment.


Ladies and gentlemen,


Indonesia and Peru are among the members of APEC. In the group, both countries have worked together in a number of issues such as investment, market access, ocean and fisheries.


I believe this cooperation will continue in amiable manner. As you see, the president of the Republic of Indonesia and the president of Peru met during the APEC Leaders´ Meeting in Vladivostok. Both of them agreed to maintain the cooperation in the group and bilaterally.


Next year, Indonesia will be the host of APEC and on 2016, Peru will also be the host of APEC. In a way, both countries will always be connected and are ready to explore ways to enhance the cooperation.

Ladies and gentlemen,


Our participation as the co-sponsor in this competition is our commitment to support the scifientic activity among academicians. For us, their ideas are treasures and should  be acknowledged.


Among the prizes, there are two awards dedicated to those who wrote about Indonesia. The idea is we want invite more studies about countries in Asia Pacific region by peruvians. We believe that the more that we know about the countries´ performances in economy, trade, investment and even its culture , the better we see the the dynamics in the regions.  


Once again, I want to congratulate the winners for their hard work. I wish them success and hope that they will continue writing and give us fresher perspective.


Thank you.