Universitas Gadjah Mada 3rd International Students Summer Program June 26 – July 6, 2011



About DREam 2011


The 3rd DREam International Students Summer Program is proudly organized by the Office of International Affairs with the relentless support and contribution of student volunteers. It is scheduled to be taking place on June 26 – July 6, 2011. We expecte 100 students from different countries to join in this event.


DREaM 2011 higlights “Social Entreprenurship” as the theme for the entire upcoming programs and this is in consonance with University’s mission of cpuntributing to the development of our society. Social entrepreneur will identify social issues and fing solutions by applying entrepreneurial approach. Furthermore, a social enterprise performs as an agent of change that improves system, discovers and spreads new strategies, and enhances solution based on the involvement of local changemaker. Their ideas are practical, visionary, engaging people, and targeted towards long term transformation. The mlst distinguished features of social entrepreneurship shall be its effort in providing access for the disadvantaged and unleashing potentials of society to impact social change.


Information about the program of the event are provided by the University of Gajah Mada through website : http://oia.ugm.ac.id/dream. Contact person : Ms. Dini Nur Latifah, phone: (62-274) 563974, fax: (62-274) 552810, HP: 62-85647008646, email: ugm.dream2010@gmail.com