?Indonesia WoodShow 2015



??Indonesia WoodShow 2015

A groundbreaking business experience for wood professionals.
International Wood & Wood Machinery Show will have its 9th edition in 2014 in Dubai, the location where WoodShow has been started, and currently has become an event that can not be missed for the Wood & Wood Working industry. Especially for the Middle East, North Africa and surrounding countries. WoodShow is actively supported by some of the most important associations  world-wide recognized for their knowledge and services to the industry, WoodShow is continuing its success story and is now expanding beyond Dubai, Cairo and Abu Dhabi.
In October 2015, Indonesia WoodShow will explore for the second time, the wood market potentials for Indonesia and its neighbors holding its landmark event in Indonesia, the biggest international furniture exhibition in ASEAN.
Indonesia Woodshow 2015 presents itself as the ultimate platform where buyers and sellers will connect, meet and create long lasting business relationships. From October 22nd to 25th, exhibitors and visitors are expected to enjoy the unique atmosphere that prevails at one of the international leading events.
Indonesia Woodshow will provide attendees an ideal networking platform, giving them the opportunity to forge valuable personal contacts in an executive business environment.
Over 200 companies from the entire wood & forestry spectrum are expected to showcase, across the 5,000 square meters of the Indonesia Convention Exhibition – BSD City,  their new products and innovation.
Visitors attending Indonesia Woodshow 2015 position themselves at the leading edge of the industry and enter a healthy market place dominated by small and medium business owners.
Only at the WoodShow attendees will be able to find well known wood brands at the topmost level.
Why Indonesia WoodShow ?
Indonesian commodities market has proven its sustainability and strength and ability to position itself at the forefront of the regional and international trading. Reports show an increase of the demand for wood-based products and supplies to meet the growing needs of the construction industry, tourism & property development sectors.
Indonesia WoodShow is set to explore the country’s and the sub-region’s best display of wood products, import and export capabilities, manufacturing & processing potential as well as trade mechanisms. The event will provide attendees with an exclusive platform for business development and deliver to visitors a state-of-the-art exhibition.
Indonesia WoodShow benefits from an extensive global promotional campaign that builds the event’s momentum but also aims at intensifying business exchanges and also exposing and raising awareness on the local wood market.
Exhibitor Profile
The Indonesia WoodShow will stand as the hallmark for wood products such as timber, hardwood, softwood, plywood, hardboards, MDF, wood and timber flooring, treatment products, spraying equipment and raw wood materials in the South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand region. A range of wood machineries including boring and combining machines, blades and knives, Edgebanders, Sanding, Finger joint, Plywood manufacturing machinery, wood accessories and components and dust control equipment and the latest technologies will be presented during the Indonesia Wood Show.
Wood Products:
• Finishing and Fittings
• Wooden Decorative Materials and Units
• Furniture Manufacturing Supplies
• Kitchen Cabinets
• Timber, Hardwood, Softwood and Exotic Pieces
• Treatment Products
• Plywood, Hardboard Decorative and Composite
• Related Publications
• All Kinds of Panels
• Polishing Products
• Chipboard and MDF
• Spraying Equipments
• Wood and Timber Flooring
• Staplers
• Wooden Crafts and Art
• Surface Treatments and Finishing Tools
• Wood Raw Materials
• Veneer
• Papers and Cardboard
• Pneumatic Nail, Pinning Gun
• Wood and Paper Recycle
• Related Personal Protective Equipments
• All Related Forest Products
• Glue and Fixing Products
• Timber-Based Technical Solutions
• Laminator
• Wooden Windows and Doors
• Furniture
• Wooden Furniture Units
Wood Working Machinery:
• Finishing and Fittings
• Gluing and Fixing Machine
• Timber Processing
• Joinery and Assembly Machines
• Molding, Beading, Wainscoting and Paneling
• Laminating Equipments
• Cladding
• Lathes
• Industry Service (Transport/Logistic)
• Molding Machines/Molders
• Wood Treatment Plants
• Particle Board Plant
• Blades and Knives
• Plywood Manufacturing Machinery
• Bleaching Plants
• Profi le Cutting and Forming Machine
• Boring Machines
• Press and Plates
• Combining Machines
• Pulp Preparation Equipment
• Cutting Machines & Tools
• Rounding Machines
• Dowelling Machines
• Sanding and Polishing Machines
• Drying Kiln Equipments
• Saws and Sawing Machines
• Dust Control and Vacuum Cleaners
• Specialized Wood Production Plant
• Edge Benders/Trimmers
• Spindling and Turning Machines
• Fastening System
• Veneering Machines and Plants
• Forestry, Grass and Bamboo Machineries
Furniture Components & Accessories and Semi Finished Products
The needs of manufacturer’s and their customers are constantly changing. The Indonesia Wood Show 2014 will offer the latest innovative technologies and the top quality products and brands for the furniture industries. WoodShow is committed to the support of global manufacturers and through our alliances with world-class international partners, can help you to expand your local and offshore markets.
• Materials
• Fittings
• Chemical Products
• Semi-finished Products
• Surfaces
• Upholstery materials
• Interior Decoration
• Fabrics and Leathers
• Elements and systems
• Services
• Power Tools
The Sections
The show promises a center stage for the manufacturers and suppliers to showcase to the buyers worldwide trends, designs, initiatives and collaborations. It is truly a must attend event in the region that continuously innovates and invests in the ever-changing world of design and quality.
Materials and Suppliers
·         Chemical products
·         Surfaces
·         Elements and systems
·         Fittings
·         Power Tools
·         Services
·         Covering materials
·         Glues, fillers and paints
·         Adhesives & abrasives
Semi – Finished Products
·         Semi furniture doors
·         Ready to assembly components
·         Worktops
·         Tabletops
·         Show Wood shells
·         Upholstery materials
·         Molded plywood
·         Curved Wood & Plywood for Chair
·         Interior decoration
·         Décor papers printed
·         Décor papers solid colors
·         Flooring
·         Panels
·         Interior fittings for cabinets
·         Membrane, Foils
·         Wooden paint
·         Wood Surface
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