The enchantment of Indonesia at the 18th IWCK Holiday Bazaar in Kyiv


Kyiv. 06/12/2010. As in the previous years, in December, the International Women's Club of Kyiv held a Holiday Bazaar with a social theme "People Helping People". This event was held at the Exhibition Hall of the Chamber of Commerce of Ukraine on December 4, 2010, where 30 foreign embassies as well as  social organizations and foreign companies in Ukraine participated. In this event, the Indonesian Embassy in Kyiv participated together with "Orient Art", a Ukrainian company, importer of the Indonesian handicrafts and other goods from Indonesia. To promote and introduce Indonesia to the people of Ukraine and foreign communities in Kyiv, a variety of Indonesian goods, including souvenirs, traditional textile and batik as well as the dishes of Indonesian cuisine were sold at the Indonesian Embassy’s booth.

The charity bazaar was opened at 09:30 and started by a ribbon cutting ceremony by the IWCK Chairman and the Ambassadors, including Indonesian Ambassador in Kyiv. The event was opened for the public starting from 10:00 until 17:00. We could see enthusiasm of the visitors and the local community which had the opportunity to see and discover new things from different countries, ranging from food, culture, and direct interaction with diplomats and foreign citizens who worked at their booths. The Indonesian Ambassador in Kyiv and some foreign ambassadors even directly involved themselves in serving the public, as a form of participation and their awareness of the importance of social events. The proceeds obtained from all participants of the bazaar are donated to the committee for distribution to various charitable foundations in Ukraine.

Although the Indonesian Embassy in Kyiv participated in this Bazaar for several times and could even be said routinely, but the local society and visitors remain showing their great interest to Indonesian booth. Some visitors also ask questions related to Indonesia, such as culture, tourism and the current situation in the country. The Indonesian Embassy’s stand, lively decorated in the national style, is always crowded with visitors and attracted some media for their coverage and interviews with Indonesian Ambassador. It could be said in addition that by participating in social activities for communities in the country of accreditation, the Indonesian Embassy’s participation in the Holiday Bazaar is also beneficial to the promotion and dissemination of a positive image of Indonesia.
* (Indonesian Embassy Kyiv)