Kyiv, 05.01.2011. As part of efforts to maintain good relations as well as to obtaine information from government and think-tank institutions, the Indonesian Embassy in Kyiv held  Round Table Discussion  on the issues of  the development of political situation, economic and social development of Ukraine in 2010 by inviting a think-tank leader Mr. Igor Zhovkva, who is currently also the Head of the Department  of the State Agency for National Projects. This activity was also conducted as a follow-up of the Round Table Discussion conducted previously in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia.

Mr. Zhovkva explained that the new government of Ukraine, which was originally expected to be more inclined to Russia, is in fact trying to implement a balanced relations with the EU, including the development of cooperation in the field of the regional security. Meanwhile, any plan concerning the membership of Ukraine  in the European Union, for the time being the major concern to be resolved is the establishment of the Free Trade Area,  which will be followed by the introduction of visa-free regime. This is the first step in achieving a more larger goal:  the signing of Ukraine-EU Association Agreement. Seeing these conditions, Ukraine still needs a long time to become a full-fledged member of the EU community.

It was also said  in general, that currently  Ukraine is implementing reforms in four areas: administrative, economic, taxation and pension. For instanced, the government is conducting administrative reforms, including the restructuring of various ministries and government agencies and downsizing the number of employees. The number of ministries at this time reduced to 1
6 ministries from the previous course that takes 20
ministries. The government also set up 12 agencies, 28 services and 7 new inspectorates under the coordination of relevant ministries. Meanwhile, by the end of December, in the field of taxation, the government has not imposed a new tax code because there is still opposition from the public and opposition parties that require further study. Meanwhile in the economic field, Ukraine began to show improvement after experiencing the impact of global financial and economic crisis in 2008. This can be seen from the national economic growth that reached more than 4%. It is estimated that the figure will increase in 2011 with the internal political stability.

Regarding the development  of cooperation in the field of foreign relations, Ukraine under the leadership of President Viktor Yanukovyh and PM Mykola Azarov began to expand their cooperation with the Asia Pacific Region and Latin America. Concrete measures can be seen from the planned visits and the visits, which were conducted by the President and the Prime Minister to several countries in Asia Pacific within the framework of economic relations, trade, investment and various other fields of  cooperation.

State Agency for National Projects, which is under patronage of the President, has planned to conduct 25 road shows for the year 2011 to various world economic centers for the search of new partners of Ukraine for their 11 national projects, which they had prepared. Also noted that Indonesia is one the countries that will become the object of these road shows because this country has big potential for bilateral cooperation that could be developed for the benefit of both sides. * (Source: Indonesian Embassy in Kyiv)