Kyiv - 25/06/10) On 23-24 June 2010, has been conducted meeting concerning socialization of Indonesian Investment Policy for Economic Function of Indonesian Representatives (embassy or consulate) in the European Region, which was held in Kyiv, Ukraine. This conference opened by Deputy Head of Indonesian Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) and attended by 18 representatives. The speaker of this event such as Deputy Economics Minister of National Development Planning / National Development Planning Agency; Director for Central and Eastern European Affairs Ministry of Foreign Affairs, representing the Directorate General of for America and Europe, and  several  second echelons from BKPM.

Socialization BKPM's Representative to the Economic Function Indonesian Representatives (embassy or consulate) in the European region aimed to provide the latest information about the various policies and programs that proclaimed government in developing and enhancing investment flows into Indonesia as well as introducing the potential for investment ,economic, trade and tourism  cooperation.

The materials presented covering various topics, among others, regarding the National Development Plan and the Long and Medium Term Action Plan of the Government; National Development Strategy aimed at encouraging growth, job opportunities and reduce poverty (pro-growth, pro jobs and pro poor); obligation for diplomats in all levels to be featured as a leading lobbyist, opportunity seekers, intelligent analyst and an effective image builders, according to the direction the President of RI at “Raker Center” and Keppri all Representatives held  in Jakarta early February 2010; and government policies regarding the development of KEK (Regions Special Economic), PTSP (integrated one-stop service), regulation number 36/2010 on List of Business Fields Closed and Open Systems Data Collection Requirements and Indonesia in Foreign Investment.

Parallel to the implementation of socialization, as well as activities Business Meeting in Kyiv held by the Indonesian Ambassador accompanied by representatives from BKPM, Planning Board, the State Secretariat, Ministry of Foreign Affairs with partners from Ukraine who came from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Investment Development Agency, Chamber of Commerce of Ukraine, Head of Provincial Administration Zhytomir, local entrepreneurs (Antonov & AvtoKraz) and representatives of think-tanks.

During two days meeting, the participants enthusiastically followed the presentation given by the speakers in order to understand the various policies and new things in the field of investment. The interaction and communication between the speakers  and the participants had done very constructive and attractive.              * (Source: Indonesian Embassy in Kyiv)