For the first time, delegation from the Directorate General of Export Development of Ministry of Trade and Economy staff of the Embassy of Republic of Indonesia in Kyiv  have held market intelligence in the sphere of palm oil products in Ukraine on 22-26 November 2010.

These activities are intended to enhance information services to Indonesia’s business sphere through the hearing of information, market observation, direct review process of distillation and meets directly with stakeholders on palm oil products in Ukraine. For Indonesia, palm oil is still being the first non oil products in the export value of foreign trade to Ukraine. In addition, the need for palm oil products in Ukraine is increasing every year around 8-10%. On the sidelines of the visit, the Indonesian delegation also conveyed and informed an invitation to the importers of palm oil in Ukraine to participate in the 6th Indonesian Palm Oil  Conference  & 2011 Price Outlook which will be held in Bali on 1 - 3 December 2010.

During the visit, the delegations visited Crude Palm Oil terminals and Palm Oil products’ processing plant in Odessa, such as Delta Wilmar CIS and Ilyichevsk Oils and Fats Industrial Complex and met with leaders of the companies. In addition, the Indonesian delegations also held meetings with the Director General of the Association of Oil Manufactures of Ukraine "Ukroliyaprom", Stepan P. Kapshuk and Director of International Economic Relations Chamber of Commerce of Ukraine, Valeriy V. Korol and observed several final products of palm oil in the supermarkets such as Ashan, Megamarket, Metro, Furshet, Silpo.

Palm oil products which were sold in ukraine are generally used for flour confectionary and bakery products by 51%, spreads 10%, dairy products 9%, ice cream 8%, chocolate products 7%, confectionary fillings 6%, instant products (quick- cooked product) 5% and deep fat (fat for deep frying) 4%. In the period of September-October 2010, Ukraine imported palm oil from Indonesia amounted 43.06 thousand tons (82,3%), Malaysia 8.05 thousand tons (15.4%),  and  1, 18 thousand tons (2,3%) comes from other countries.

It is necessary to accept positively the desire of Ukrainian party to cooperate with Indonesia, the largest palm oil producer in the world, through a series of follow-up meeting with stakeholders and the business community of both countries in the future because palm oil is a very promising market in Ukraine.

Indonesia recognized that Ukraine has a sea port in Odessa which is considered internationally important and strategic to be able to shorten distribution channels of Indonesian goods and export products to the Central and Eastern Europe including the EU to where the products are traditionally supplied through Hamburg, Germany and Gdansk in Poland.

It is planned that in 2011 Ministry of Trade of Indonesia in cooperation with the Indonesian business world will hold exhibitions and seminars on palm oil and other non-oil products in Ukraine. (Source: Indonesian Embassy in Kyiv)