Isra Mi'raj Prophet Muhammad SAW


07.15.2010, To commemorate Isra  Mi'raj Prophet Muhammad SAW, Spirituality Section Embassy Kyiv Sub-Unit on July 14, 2010 has invited speakers from the Religious Administration of Ukrainian Muslims (Dukhovnoe Upravlenie Musulman Ukraini - DUMU) . Commemorations are held in the auditorium and attended by Embassy Kyiv Kyiv Embassy staff and the people of Indonesia. The event was opened by the ambassador of Indonesia Kyiv, Mrs. Nining Suningsih Rochadiat, followed by reading the holy verses of Al-Qur'an,  religious lectures, question and answer and discussion, the reading of prayers, eat together and end with the Maghrib prayer in congregation.

In his opening address, Ambassador of Indonesia said that Isra  Mi'raj not just one thing that is very important and historic for the people of Prophet Muhammad, but also as evidence of the love of God Almighty to Prophet Muhammad and his followers. Isra Mi'raj occur at the time of the Prophet SAW Muhamamd center in this time of mourning, after berpulangnya uncle and his wife, Siti Khadijah and Abu Talib.

Meanwhile, in a lecture about the meaning and nature of Isra,  Mi'raj delivered by Sheik Ahmad Tamim, among others, explained that with the continued development times that are experienced by Muslims, often there are misconceptions about the meaning of Isra Mi'raj, where most Muslims believe that Prophet Muhammad did Isra,  Mi'raj only to the extent of spirits alone, not accompanied by a body or physical. This needs to be straightened out because the event is not an unusual occurrence that can literally dinalar by humans but is a mujizat given by Allah Almighty to Prophet Muhammad and the early commencement of fulfilling the obligation to pray five times a day for all Muslims. For that needed a strong faith and beliefs of Islam as shown by the people at the time of the Prophet Muhammad received the news Isra Mi'raj is to avoid idolatry. The Sidratul Muntaha, is not the place where God Almighty is but somewhere decides all affairs for humanity, and written by the angels because God is the One who was there wherever and whenever, the One who was not started.

Reducing the number of obligatory prayers from the original order as much as fifty times to only five times in a day is proof of God's compassion to the people of Muhammad as Allah is Knowing that this amount is in accordance with ability and willingness of Muslims but Allah SWT continue to give the same reward such magnitude were to pray fifty times a day. As for who is able to pray out of obligation circumcision five daily prayers, then Allah may reward more appropriate charity worship. * (Embassy Kyiv)