Indonesia's HeforShe Impact Champion

Impact Champion: Ir. H. Joko Widodo, the President of the Republic of Indonesia
Personal Statement:
Women represent half of the drivers and beneficiaries of development. Therefore, gender issues mainstreamed in my mission as the President of the Republic of Indonesia (Nawa Cita 2015-2019). It also contains specific commitments for women and girls, namely do “promote the role and representation of women in politics and development” and “protect women, children, and other marginalized groups” I strongly believe that this is a smart strategy to help remove the root causes of discrimination and violence against women and girls. 
Executive Summary:
Indonesia commits to bringing positive changes in women’s daily life by improving the quality of life for both men and women through equal and inclusive access to, participation in, control of, and benefit from all sectors. As an IMPACT champion, Indonesia will focus on efforts to increase participation and representation of women in decision –making processes, reduce the maternal mortality rate, and eliminate violence against women and girls
HeforShe Commitment
Focus Areas:
Area 1­:
Increasing the participation and representation of women in decision making process
Current Status: At the 2014 election, the percentage of women in parliament is 17.32%, which is still below the 30% quota mandate by our election law. At the executive level, the number of women ministers is doubled in the current cabinet (from 4 to 8). However, their representation at the lower echelon in executive and judicative branches remains under 30%.
HeforShe Impact: We are aiming to gradually improve women’s representation in decision making process at national and local level towards reaching 30%.
HeforShe Initiative:
·         Promote more appointment of women to senior leadership position:
·         Require all ministers and government institutions to incorporate gender mainstreaming in the compulsory training and education curriculums of all government decision makers at all levels;
·         Conduct mapping on women as potential candidates and first voter (above 18 years old) in the upcoming parliamentary election held in 2016-2018, and provode information and training on politics, election, and leadership for women as potential candidates and for first voters.
Area 2: Reducing Maternal Mortality Rate
Current Status: According to the National Demography and Population Survey in 20112, Maternal Mortality Rate was slightly decreased from 390 per 100.000 live births to 359 per 100.000 live births.
HeforShe Impact: We are aiming to improve the quality and coverage of sexual and reproductive health service, particularly for pregnant mothers.
HeforShe Initiative:
  • Provision of integrated antenatal care and services for pregnant mothers at all levels;
  • Improvement of delivery service quality;
  • Provision of reproductive healthcare and delivery services in all health facilities from hospitals to community health centers to be covered accordingly trough National Health Insurance (JKN);
  • Promote participation of women organizations and local communities as well as involvement of families and husbands to help lower maternal mortality rate, particularly in remote and poorest areas.  
Area 3: Elimination of Violence against Women and Girls
Current Status: According to the National Social and Economy Survey in 2006, 3.1% or around 3-4 million women are subjected to violence every year. At present, the government has established 247 integrated Service Centers of Women Empowerment and Children Protection (P2TP2A) in 33 out of 34 Provinces. We also established Taskforce on Human Trafficking in 30 Provinces and 155 Municipalities/Cities. 
HeforShe Impact: We are aiming to improve the protection of women and girls against violence, particularly those WHO are prone to violence and abuse, such as women migrant works, trough the implementation of pro-women policies and programs that not only focused on protection aspect but also in ensuring the economic empowerment and independence.
HeforShe Initiative:
  • Conduct the national survey in violence against women and children in 2016.
  • Conduct various programs to Implement National Movement on Anti Sexual Violence on Children (GN AKSA);
  • Develop local institutions to prevent and early detect violence against women, girls, and boys;
  • Involve youth to conduct advocacy on family resilience and empowerment that will include violence against women and children (One Student Saves One Family);
  • Strengthen institutions that provides services for women and children victims of violence, particular in regions with high number of cases of violence, border zones, and origin and transit regions of migrant workers and trafficked women and girls; and
  • Promote women household industries trough programs on financial and marketing literacy, business trainings and capacity building, that among others targeting former women migrant workers.