Kyiv, 29/11/2010. On 24-26 November 2010, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Indonesia to Ukraine held a working visit to Dnepropetrovsk Regional State Administration – an industrial center as well as one of the biggest cities in Ukraine. Ambassador held several meetings with the Deputy Chairman of Dnepropetrovsk, Mr. Viacheslav Antonov; President of Dnepropetrovsk Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mr. Zhmurenko Vitaliy; and gave a lecture to the students of Dnepropetrovsk National University “Olesh Honchar” (DNU) concerning the development of democracy and harmonious life among religions in Indonesia. During the meeting with Deputy Chairman of Dnepropetrovsk, Ambassador explained the potential fields of cooperation and the progress of bilateral relation with Ukraine. This meeting also attended by Counsellor of the Governor, Mr. Nikolay P. Sytnyk; President of Dnepropetrovsk Chamber of Commerce and Industry; Deputy Chief of Internal Policy, Ms. Elena Nonva; and Acting Head of Foreign Economic Relations Department, Mr. Michael Isachenko. Mr. Antonov said that Dnepropetrovsk Region warmly welcomes and ready for the fruitful cooperation with Indonesian partners not only in the field of trade-economy but also social and culture, including education. Many foreign investors and business communities run their project in this region since Dnepropetrovsk is the center of technology and industry in Ukraine. This condition brings Dnepropetrovsk as one of administrative regions which contributes a big portion to the national budget. On the separate meeting with President of the Dnepropetrovsk Chamber of Commerce and Industry, some topics have been discussed intensively, such as the possibility and realization of the cooperation between business circles from the two countries, the readiness of Dnepropetrovsk to open and enhance good relation with Indonesia, including the possibility to absorb potential commodities from Indonesia such as palm oil, coffee, tea, cacao and others. In relation with this, President of the Chamber handed over the draft agreement of cooperation to be considered by Indonesian partners. In the sphere of education, this region has Dnepropetrovsk National University (DNU) – a 90 year old university named Olesh Honchar – as one of the best universities in Ukraine which consist of 15 faculties and 5 colleges. First Vice Rector, Prof. Kochubei Olexandr Olexiyovych stated that DNU has international cooperation with some universities abroad, among others from US, Belarus, Russia, China, Italy, Germany, France, Portugal, Spain and Turkey. With specialty in science and aerospace technology, DNU provides trainings and research programs to Ukrainian and foreign students and specialists. Ambassador also gave a lecture to the DNU’s students concerning the development of democracy and harmonious life among religions in Indonesia. Other topics delivered during the lecture are the Indonesia’s foreign policy; Indonesia’s roles in the regional and international level; development of democracy as well as achievements and challenges faced by Indonesia; and some issues related to bilateral relation between Indonesia and Ukraine. It is hoped that through the visit and lecture at the university, young generation in Ukraine could get the accurate information about Indonesia in order to prevent any negative images of Indonesia as a country with the biggest Muslim population which is often being associated with extremism, terrorism and radicalism. DNU highly appreciated the Ambassador’s visit and stated that it is very important to further open the horizons of the students about Indonesia, both in terms of political life, democracy and socio-cultural. DNU also expects to establish cooperation with one of the leading universities in Indonesia, both for the social or exact sciences, including airspace technology. In addition, DNU hopes that in the future there will be any students from the university to join the Darmasiswa Scholarship Program in Indonesia. *(Indonesian Embassy in Kyiv)