Embassy’s Social Activity with Foundation “Orphans – Our Children” (Kyiv)


In the daily routine activities, the Indonesian Embassy in Kyiv was able to find time for conducting of social event, which took place at the guest room of the Embassy in November 2010. 20 children-orphans aged from 12 to 17 years old as well as the Indonesian Ambassador and Indonesian Embassy’s staff were invited to participate in the socio-cultural event. These humanitarian activities that are carried out by giving attention to the children, psychological counseling, exchange ideas and encourage the spirit of optimism in facing the future with the aim of helping the foundation “Orphans-Our Children” in preparing orphaned children for independent life as well as introducing Indonesian culture to children.


The event started with counseling speech of the Ambassador Nining Suningsih Rochadiat, who told the children about her life experience starting from childhood until successful achievement of the position of the Head of Indonesian Representation in Ukraine. The Ambassador gave the children a great motivation in how to strive to reach the goals in life, keep studying hard, never give up and believe in God Almighty. After the counseling speech of the Ambassador, the children had a chance to taste the dishes of Indonesian cuisine. While enjoying the food, the children had a chance to learn more about Indonesia by watching films about Indonesia.


The enthusiasm and open motivation of the children was seen from the arising questions to the Ambassador about the ways to achieve success, especially for a woman, as well as questions about Indonesian Embassy in Ukraine and about Indonesia in general.


At the end of this event, Mrs. Natalia Uvarova, Director of the Foundation “Orphans – Our Children” gave the final counseling and conclusions. Mrs. Natalia Uvarova was very impressed by this event and thanked the Ambassador and the Embassy’s staff for organizing this event for children. The meeting left a deep impression in the hearts of the children; now they know that there is another kind of life. The children have become motivated and they are aware that it is necessary to fight in order to achieve good life in future. After this, the children had a chance to take pictures with the Ambassador and Embassy’s staff.