Single Entry Visa

Single Entry visit Visa

Single Entry visit Visa is given to foreigners who will be traveling to the territory of Indonesia in the framework of official government duties, travel, socio-cultural activities, family visits non-commercial sports, visits in the course of the business, activities nalistik jur. When the visa of this type has been used, then this visa is no longer valid (only one-time use). There are two kinds of visas for this category are:



Foreigners who are nationalities can apply for a visa upon arrival in Indonesia and was given permission to stay for 30 days.


Visit Visa

Foreigners may apply for a visit visa at the Indonesian Embassy or Consulate, or the guarantor can apply for a visa at the Directorate General of Immigration in Jakarta, Visits IndonesiaVisa issued in the Indonesian Embassy or Consulate. A Visitor Visa holders may be granted a residence permit for up to 60 days and can be extended at the Immigration Office to get the next 30 days