Passport and Emergency Travel Document

Passport and SPLP

New Passport and Passport Renewal

Embassy in issuing a new passport for the first time or as an extension to the citizen who is resident in the territory of the State of Kuwait. Passports for extension is granted to replace the old passport that will or have expired or page passport has been used up. For passport expires, passport renewal can be done most quickly ahead of the six (6) month period of validity of the passport has expired.

The passport can be done by coming directly to the Embassy in Kuwait or by filling in an application form E-consular Embassy in Kuwait.

A.   Passport with Process Come Directly to the Indonesian Embassy in Kuwait


   1.   New Passport Filing newborn child:

  • Copy of Birth Certificate issued by the local Civil Registry Office State
  • Copy of passport of both parents;
  • Copy of Marriage Certificate of parents;
  •  Identity Card / Civil ID;
  • Color photos 4x6 white background, facing forward, eyes open;

   2.   Ordinary Passport Replacement Due to Missing or Damaged:

  • The certificate of loss of passport from the local Police who lost his passport;
  • File loss of local immigration (certificate is lost, the data printout immigration applicant;
  • Color photos 4x6 white background, the latest last at least 3 headdress, facing forward, not visible teeth;
  • If the reimbursement request is approved, the terms and settlement process can be carried out as for a new passport.

   3.   Ordinary Passport Replacement Due Out Term or For Full Passport page:

  • The front page of the passport;
  • Extension page passport (if any);
  • Endorsement page / Data Changes applicant;
  • Residence Permit page / Iqomah;
  • Identity Card / Civil ID;
  • Color photos 4x6 white background, the latest last at least 3 headdress, facing forward, not visible teeth;

B.   Passport through application of E-consular Embassy in Kuwait

  • Register on Application E-consular Embassy in Kuwait;
  • Selecting a menu of services, fill out the form, and upload supporting documents (documents can be submitted via email:;
  • As already received confirmation via email (email during registration), expected to come to the Embassy in Kuwait with the original supporting documents;
  • Paying with K-Net in Embassy Counter and New passport is ready for collection

C.   Terms and Conditions for passport photos

  • A color photograph with white background size 4 × 6 cm (with edges);
  • Printed on high quality photo paper;
  • Recent photos taken not later than 3 months before entering for a passport;
  • Neutral facial expression;
  • Bodies and faces frontward with eyes looking at the camera, mouth closed and appeared both ears;
  • When using the glasses, the glasses should not be dark or shaded and not subject to degenerate deter pupils;
  • Are not allowed to use headgear / cap, but if you use the hijab should be visible across the face from chin to forehead and may not use a veil;
  • For children / babies not allowed to appear other people, toys or other objects in the picture

D.   Delivery time and Intake Application for Passport

Embassy in Kuwait accept applications for passports from at 08:30 to 12:00 will be included in the service same day services that capture new passport can be done on the same day at 15:00 to 16:30. When an application for a passport is received after 12.00 then the process you took to do the next day.