Indonesia, Kuwait and World Muslim Scholars Discussing Wasatiyat Islam in Bogor


Bogor, Indonesia: The President of the Republic of Iindonesia officially opened the High Level Consultation of World Muslim Scholars on Wasatiyat Islam in Bogor yesterday (01/05). Lasting until 3 May 2018, the meeting will see the participation of leading muslim clerics and scholars, including H.E. Dr. Abdullah M. Al-Matouq, Advisor at the Diwan Al-Amiri.

Participating muslim clerics and scholars will discuss moderation in Islam as the result of the High Level Consultation, concluded as Bogor Message. Reflected in the statement of Prof. Din Syamsuddin, Presidential Special Envoy for Interfaith Dialog and Civilization Affairs, to the media, the High Level Consultation is aimed at reclaiming interpretation of moderation in Islam as provided in the Holy Quran as well as identifying possible dissemination effort within recent relevant condition. Wide application of moderation in Islam is hoped to help ending the vicious circle of radicalism in all countries.

Representing Kuwait, H.E. Dr. Abdullah M. Al-Matouq is currently holding other two positions, namely the Chairman of the International Islamic Charitable Organization (IICO) and the Special Advisor to the UN Secretary General. Participation of H.E. Dr. Al-Matouq in the Conference HLC is also accompanied by H.E. Abdulwahab Al-Saqer, Ambassador of the State of Kuwait for the Republic of Indonesia and Mrs. Hadeel Al-Sabti, International Relation Advisor for IICO Chairman.

H.E. Dr. Al-Matouq made several visits to Indonesia in his capacity as the IICO Chairman, and even met some high officials in Indonesia, such as H.E. Salim Segaf Al-Jufri, Minister of Social Affairs (Jakarta, April 2012).


*Photos Courtesy of IICO