Konferensi International Federation of Landscape Architects Asia Pacific (IFLA) di Kuching, 26 – 30 April 2014

Asia - Africa conference floor was attended 500 participants from 15 countries , and featured 40 paper about the problems and development architect Landscapes in Asia Pacific region

IFLA conference was opened by the Minister of State and Government of Sarawak Community Development , Dato Sri Wong Soon Koh , who represented the Chief Minister, Tan Sri Datuk Amar Adenan Satem who in his opening serve , that the architect Landscapes let play roles and abilities as a planner Landscapes to create and develop a system - column layout and nice and cozy environment and sustainable national development in the interest of the next generation .

As a Keynote Speaker at the conference is Tun DR . Mahathir Mohammed, who brought his paper " A Greener Tomorrow ," which asserts that the infrastructure of a country can not forget the importance of environmental sustainability . Dr . Mahathir Mohammed did not oppose deforestation for the sake of development , but after development takes place , it must be implemented in accordance with the planting back - room layout and Landscapes good , comfortable and beautiful to look at . On the occasion, DR . Mahathir Muhammad received the Award of Distinction award from the Institute of Landscape Architects Malaysia ( ILAM ) for his contribution for the Prime Minister of Malaysia in developing the landscape industry in the development of Malaysia .

The Indonesian delegation at the Conference is led by Heads of Foreign Affairs, Landscape Architects Bonding Indonesia ( IALI ) , Mother Soehartini Sekartjakarini , Phd . Also present also representatives from the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy , and Cabinet Secretariat .

For the year 2015 , Indonesia will host the next Conference of the International Federation of Landscape Architects Asia Pacific ( IFLA ) in 2015 , which is planned to be implemented in the city of Lombok , Mataram . IFLA Malaysian flag of surrender to the Indonesian executed at the closing night gala - dinner konferesin IFLA at the Pullman Hotel , Kuching .

In the event , the Gala Dinner , the Mets Kuching Saman dance from Aceh show , performed by Indonesian undergraduates studying in Kuching . Saman dance is a lively response from the invited guests from Manca countries attending night​