Implementation of Activity "Jemput Bola" in Sibu


On 22 and October 23, 2011, Consulate General in Kuching has been implementing the passport renewal service outside the city with a system of 'Jemput Bola" for the citizens / migrant workers residing / working in the city of Sibu, Sarawak. Meeting Room located at the Rimbunan Hijau Hotel, addressable Jalan Kampung Nyabor, P.O. Box 1762, 96008 Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia Telephone: (6) 084-365 888 Facsimile: (6) 084-365 999  
On the first day, Saturday, October 22, 2011, officers conducted interviews passport renewal activities are scheduled to serve the Indonesian Workers (TKI) of the 15 companies that are spread both in Sibu and the surrounding region, accompanied by a supervisor of workers in order to deliver the workers to the activity the interview to be safe and orderly throughout the event such activities are among other companies of the Subur Tiasa Plywood Sdn Bhd, TA ANN Plywood, Jaya Tiasa Plywood, Rimbunan Hijau, Perpuluhan Jaya Sdn Bhd, Ladang Hijau (sarawak) Sdn Bhd, Nescaya Palma Sdn Bhd, PJP Pelita Selangau Plantation Sdn Bhd, APKA Group dan others
There were 471 people on the interviewed workers had been working on 15 Malaysian companies and three people PLRT (Penata Laksana Rumah Tangga) follow this service. carried out within one business day, namely that everything starts from 09:00 am until 17:00 pm  with a passport renewal activity systems 'Jemput Bola' is very helpful for many migrant workers who work in the outposts and remote areas in Sarawak are difficult to access and transport difficulties if have to travel far to Kuching to renew their passports. please note that the distance between the City of Kuching to Sibu town that is within 184.61KM, who need to use the travel time of 40 minutes using aircraft or 6 hours using Vehicle  
Renewal of passport of Indonesia with the system gives priority to its workers or citizens who work away from Kuching. In addition, a considerable number of migrant workers also cause mobility difficulties for companies to take them to Kuching. With reason, then the passport service system "Jemput Bola" is done .