Speech by Act. Consul General of the The Republic of Indonesia, Mr. Achmad Djatmiko, atExhibition " Screensaver Photography : Kalimantan, Sarawak, Europe 2011 " at Hotel Pullman



On behalf of the Consulate general Of the Republic Indonesia, I would like to Extend my sincere gratitude to the honorable Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri (Dr) Jabu Anak Numpang, UNIMAS, Pullman Hotel, Kal Star Aviation and Their Generous support and kind assistance to the successful holding of this SCREENSAVER PHOTOGRAPHY: Kalimantan, Sarawak, Europe 2011.

In this important event, Borneo, a land with ancient history, myth, legend and unexplored natural beauty, was depicted into inspiring pictures of aged-old civilization and culture, scenic mountains, thick jungles and rivers, its people and their vibrant lives, this exhibition features the land of Borneo through the eyes of Ms. Bernice Helena and Dr. Anna Durin’s expertise in the cultural and heritage of the Iban of Sarawak. The colorful digital photographs displayed here also reflect the friendly brotherhood of not only between Indonesia and Malaysian Ibans, but also with splendid Europe, which is long distance but close in our hearts.

The two lecturers and researchers of the faculty of applied and creative arts of UNIMAS, Ms. Bernice Helena and Dr. Anna Durin have innovated brilliant ideas to bring out own culture closer to the daily life of our young generations through these pictures in inspiring them to record and preserve their own culture. In the era of internet which can be accessed easily through sophisticated device like Blackberry, iPhone, or I Pad, young generations are very much obsessed with the western beauty and charm, but through this kind of exhibition we try to put forward to the society that the western beauty has so much in common with the splendor of our land, Borneo.

Not only have we known that Borneo and Europe have shared their histories and way of life, but we are also familiar with the cultures, be they the foods, religions, language and buildings. Let us take one simple similarity between Europe and Borneo, which is very near to us, i.e the longhouse, rumah panjang, and the European versions of langhus in the Scandinavian, Tyddyn in Britain, Taighean Dubha in Scottland, Gulfhauas in germany as well as longere or maison logue in France, and this exhibition proves that the similarities are countless.

At the exhibition, these colorful photos open a window for all of us to understand better that our roots were linked to one another.