List of Travelling Documents Type Allowed To Enter Indonesia


​L​isted below the list of travel documents allowed to apply for Indonesian visa (in accordance to the Ministry of Law and Human Rights of Indonesia No: IMI-1012.UM.01.01 2017):

  1. Laissez Passer;
  2. Titre De Voyage (refugee);
  3. Travel Document;
  4. Document Of Identity;
  5. Certificate Of Identity;
  6. Alien Passport (passport with non nationality);
  7. Alien Travel Document;
  8. Emergency Travel Document;
  9. Emergency Passport; or
  10. Temporary Passport.

Holder of above travel documents may apply for Indonesian visa AFTER approved by the Directorate General of Immigration in Jakarta Indonesia. Proof of approval is in the form of letter/telex addressed to the document/s holder.

Directorate General of Immigration Address :
Jl. H. R. Rasuna Said Kav.X-6 Nomor 8, Kuningan-Jakarta Selatan
Call Center : (021) 5225029/ 5225028​