Diplomatic and Service Visa


  1. Diplomatic and Service Visa will be given to foreign nationals bearing a Diplomatic or a Service Passport for the conduct of diplomatic or government assignments in Indonesia.
  2. Diplomatic Visa is given to foreign nationals bearing a diplomatic or Laissez Passer (UN) passport, for the purpose of conducting diplomatic assignments, or attending meetings.
  3. Service Visa is given to foreign nationals bearing official/service passport, on assignment for non-diplomatic purposes
  4. Based on Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations 1961, diplomatic visa can only be given to holder diplomatic passports, free of charge (gratis).
  5. For those who want to apply diplomatic visa with ordinary passport / national passport, they will not be granted diplomatic visa. The Embassy considers to give them visa based on their purposes (business visa or social – cultural visa), and they have to pay (it is not free of charge).
  6. All applications are subject to approval. Submission of a visa application does not necessarily mean that a visa will be granted.
  7. The granting of visa is, in effect, only form of pre-entry clearance. It does not grant permission to enter Indonesia. The Indonesian Immigration Authorities at the port of entry reserve the right to refuse entry into Indonesia.
  8. It is most desirous that any traveler to Indonesia understands and duly respects the Indonesian Immigration’s regulations as well as the Embassy’s rules.



  1. Original Passport Diplomatic/Official/Laissez Passer , Passport must be valid for at least 6 (six) months from date of entry into Indonesia
  2. Photocopy Passport and Visa in Malaysia
  3. Diplomatic notes must include the following information concerning the principal applicant for all visas, whether for temporary visit, assignments or accreditation.
  • Name;
  • Position and title;
  • Place of assignment or visit;
  • Purpose of travel;
  • Brief description of duties;
  • Travel date;
  • Anticipated length of stay of duty;
  • The names, relationship dob and travel dates of any dependents and other member of household who will be accompanying or joining the principal.
  1. One (1) recent photograph white back ground sized 4×6 cm
  2. Complete and sign visa application form and print in 2 pages, to download visa application form click here

*the pdf file is writable. So, the applicant could fill the form from pdf reader or any pdf software.


Processing:  2 (two) working days, after all requirements have been fulfilled.




  • For those who apply for MULTIPLE ENTRY VISA/POSTED/ACREDITED TO INDONESIA : Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia will send documents to Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Indonesia to get an authorization, process 2 – 4 weeks at Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Indonesia.
  • Applicant need to complete General Requirements as same above and send to Embassy of Indonesia Counter Diplomatic/Service Visa.
  • Original passport will return to applicant while documents in progress.
  • Applicants whose application needs referral to the Authorities in Indonesia should NOT purchase their travel tickets before the approval for their visa application is received.
  • Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia will issued the visa after obtaining the approval from Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia.
  • Process at Embassy of Indonesia after obtaining the approval from MOFA Indonesia is 2 (two) working days.


Submission During Office Hours :

MONDAY – THURSDAY : 09.00 AM – 13.00 PM and  14.00 PM – 17.00 PM

FRIDAY: 09.00 AM – 12.30 PM and 14.30 PM – 17.00 PM


For further information, please contact Consular Section: Telp. (03) 2116 4016/4017 EXT. 4042
            Fax: (03) 2141 8248 / 2116 4048

E-mail: pelayanan@konsulerkualumpur.info (required follow up by phone after sending e-mail)