UNAMID Appreciates FPU-Indonesian National Police Contingent in Darfur


Sudanese people and government really appreciate the deployment of Indonesian Police Contingent in Darfur to join the UNAMID (United Nation African-Union Mission in Darfur) mission. The UNAMID also recognizes the excellent performance of this year’s Formed Police Unit (FPU)-Indonesian National Police (INP), which is the 3rd contingent to arrive in Darfur since 2008. “Since 2008, our police contingent has been gaining great appreciation from the people and Government of Sudan. The UNAMID leaders also expressed special appreciation to the FPU-INP. Yesterday, I have met the Police Commissioner and he promised to pay a close attention to FPU Indonesia so that they will be able to continue their excellent performance,” stated Brigadier General Yuwono who is the Leader of Indonesian Police Supervision Team to Darfur. “Indonesian Police Supervision Team visited Darfur to evaluate the readiness and the preparation of the police contingent to carry out the UNAMID mission in order to continue to enhance and optimize their performance,” he added. The results of this visit, taking place from 27 June to 2 July, will be a source of inputs for the next deployment of peace-keeping mission for Indonesian government. Bhayangkara Day Celebration in Darfur This visit concurred with the Bhayangkara Day celebration on 1 July 2011, which strongly motivated the contingent to do an intensive preparation for the celebration this year. “This year, the Indonesian National Police celebrates its 65th anniversary, and it is expected to be more professional in carrying out its duties. The deployment of the police contingent to Darfur is one of the efforts to build professionalism in the INP. And it happens to be a success for the INP to create Indonesia’s positive image in front of the world as an implementation of the preamble of the 1945 Constitution, which is to actively involved in shaping the world order and everlasting peace,” stated the Indonesian Ambassador to Sudan and Eritrea, Dr. Sujatmiko, who was also attending the Bhayangkara Day celebration in Darfur. In his welcome speech, acting as the Inspector of Ceremony, Brigadier General Yuwono delivered a message from the President of Indonesia saying that the three keys to this year’s celebration are to establish cooperation, to revitalize the Indonesian police and to accomplish an excellent service of the Indonesian police. “The police need to be professional and prioritize humanist approach because its functions are to protect and to serve. However, in certain times when the humanist approach does not work, a repressive measure needs to be taken.” It seems that the image of the police in front of the Indonesian people starts to slowly change into a more positive one. “In the past, I was reluctant to see a police officer, but after meeting our police officers in Darfur, I think differently from what I thought the to be,” said an Indonesian staff member of the UNAMID. Also participating in the celebration were the Deputy Joint Special Representative of the UNAMID, Mohammed Younis, and representatives of the Egyptian, Ghanaian, Gambian, Tanzanian, Nigerian, Jordanian, Malaysian and Filipino contingent. The celebration was a little bit different than the one in Indonesia. It also involved the Egyptian and Jordanian police contingents not only as invitees but also as the participants of the ceremony. “Indonesia has gained a positive image in Darfur, but it is not enough. We need to contribute more to Darfur to help them overcome the difficulties they are experiencing. I have met with the Indonesian Minister of Health who said that she would provide a static and mobile clinic for Darfur, as well as doctors and nurses. The plan is positive and concrete, and hopefully, it soon comes to realization,” said Sujatmiko. Indonesian Atmosphere in Darfur A region full of conflicts, barred lands and inconveniences. This is people’s common perception of Darfur and possibly what crosses into Indonesian people’s mind when hearing the name of Darfur. Darfur is a large region in the west of Sudan with the size similar to France, and it is divided into three states: North, South and West Darfur. It is currently in not so conducive circumstances, and included in the UNAMID’s area of operations. However, such condition does not prevent Indonesian contingent from actively promoting Indonesia in Darfur. They often invite the members of other countries contingent to have lunch in Indonesian camp to taste Indonesian foods. With a simple arrangement of Batik decorations, they alter the meeting room into a place to promote Indonesian culture. They also create a Balinese atmosphere with the shape of the garden lights placed in the yard in front of the contingent member bedrooms. The Indonesian Embassy in Khartoum fully supports such efforts, and will offer help in the future to provide other promotional media for displaying Indonesia’s potentials.