RI embassy repatriates 40 problematic TKIs from Sudan


The Indonesian embassy in Khartoum, Sudan, has repatriated 40 problematic Indonesian housemaids (TKIs) from their temporary shelters there. "Tonight (Monday) the Indonesian embassy repatriated 40 problematic TKIs in Sudan by Qatar Airways (QR-672) scheduled to arrive at Soekarno-Hatta international airport the following day at 3.30 pm Jakarta time," Indonesian ambassador to Sudan and Eritrea Dr. Sujatmiko said here Monday. Sujatmiko said most of the TKIs left their employers for several reasons, including unpaid wages, violence, lack of working readiness and working permit. "They escaped from their places of employment to the Indonesian embassy for protection and given shelter at the embassy compound," he said. Head of the embassy`s protocol and consular section Muhammad Sukarno said under the local regulations foreigners working in Sudan but did not have a staying permit have to pay a fine of SDG 10, or Rp 25,000 per day. They must also pay an income tax, travel documents and foreigners` data. "However following lengthy and intensive negotiations between the Indonesian embassy and the relevant authorities in Sudah, including the manpower ministry, immigration and foreign ministry of Sudan the fines had been exempted," he said, adding however that each TKI must pay SDG 350 (Rp 1 million) provided by the Indonesian embassy. The embassy also facilitated the issuance of a passport-like travel document for those having no passport, while the repatriation cost is fully the responsibility of the Indonesian government. Right now there are still three TKIs given shelter at the embassy pending their repatriation with the coordination with the relevant government institutions in Indonesia including the manpower and transmigration ministry, foreign ministry, and the Indonesian police, head of the embassy`s information, social and cultural section in Khartoum Muhammad Syafri said. (*) (source: antara news)