Promoting the Beauty and Diversity of Indonesia in Khartoum


As an effort to promote the image of Indonesia in Sudan, Indonesian Embassy to Khartoum, once again, promoted Indonesia’s economic and tourism potential in Sudan on December 11, 2011. The promotion was organized simultaneously with the diplomatic reception at Wisma Duta to commemorate the 66th Anniversary of Indonesian Independence Day.

The event was not organized in August, September or October due to Khartoum’s temperature during those months, which can reach 46-50ºC.

About 400 invitees attended the event, enjoying and admiring the beauty of Indonesian tourism on a 6x4-meter screen built in as an instrument of promotion. The pleasure was heightened as they eat Indonesian food and delicacies such as sate ayam madiun, mie goren Aceh, gado-gado, bakpia pathok, lumpia and more.

To accompany the invitees, who were diplomats, government officials and Sudanese entrepreneurs, the event was opened by a Badinding dance performance followed by a traditional costume fashion show. “We encourage al staff members of the Indonesian Embassy to Khartoum to actively promote Indonesia, and that is why they model for the fashion show,” said Dr. Sujatmiko, the Indonesian Ambassador to Sudan and Eritrea.

“Between them, there are also Sudanese citizens who we asked to participate, so that we can build closer relationship between Indonesia and Sudan,” he added.

After the fashion show, there was an angklung performance, playing Indonesia Pusaka song and one international song. The event also had Pencak Silat performance to brighten up the occasion. Six Indonesian students in the Pencak Silat group showed their skills in the Indonesian traditional martial art and charmed the audience.

Moreover, there were also members of the Indonesian National Police (Polri) who asked the audience to join in the poco-poco dance. The audience enthusiastically participated. The festivity of the diplomatic reception received a positive response from the invitees, including the Ambassador of Pakistan to Sudan, who said, “this is the first time I came to a diplomatic reception that is so festive and well-organized, it’s very nice!”.

The entrepreneurs from Sudan also had positive impression from the night’s performances. “Indonesia is really beautiful and well-developed. There should be more promotions like this, so that the people of Sudanese become aware of Indonesia”.

The diplomatic reception was covered by quite a lot of Sudanese media, press or electronic, such as Blue Nile TV. It is therefore hoped that the promotion of Indonesia can be well received in Sudan.