Indonesia Continues to Support Peace Effort in Sudan


Indonesia would continue to support the efforts organized by the Sudanese Government and the UN to bring peace in Sudan, specifically in the region of Darfur. That commitment was shown when the Indonesian Ambassador to Sudan, DR. Sujatmiko, six other ambassadors, and several foreign envoys, went to El-Fashir in Northern Darfur for a working visit (21/2/2011).


The ambassadors in the group were from Qatar, Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Yemen, Zimbabwe and Iran, meanwhile Venezuela, Iraq and South Africa were represented by their Charge d'Affaires.


The visit was intended to provide moral support for the peace talk being held in Doha, Qatar. The visiting ambassadors also took the opportunity to see for themselves the efforts undertaken by UNAMID (United Nations – African Union Mission in Darfur).


Ambassador Sujatmiko in the press release yesterday (23/11) stated that the ambassadors’ visit was jointly organized by UNAMID and the Embassy of Qatar and they were welcomed by the local government and the refugees living in the camp in Tawilla, a district in Northern Darfur. “During the field trip in Tawilla, I saw a strong determination by the refugees currently living in IDP Camps to see peace in Darfur and to have the opportunity to lead a normal life just like the rest of us”, said the Ambassador.


The Indonesian Ambassador also expressed his respect and admiration for UNAMID under the guidance of Prof. Gambari, for its relentless effort in bringing and preserving peace in Sudan, including maintaining a continuous patrol in the camps and protecting the refuges. “Not to mention that UNAMID also tries to build the capacity of the local community through activities that directly touches the community, such as providing English courses and others”, he added.


Ambassador Sujatmiko expressed his hope that in the future UNAMID would continue to encourage the refugees in the camps to be independent and understand the importance of peace in the region blessed with an abundant natural resources.
Give a New Spirit
Prof. Ibrahim Gambari, the Joint Special Representative of UNAMID, in his briefing before the visiting ambassadors remarked that this visit would provide the refugees with a new spirit and hope for a lasting peace. “I was delighted that seven ambassadors and a number of envoys in Sudan accepted my invitation to visit Darfur. The visit was intended to provide a moral support for the peace talk process being held in Doha”, said Prof. Gambari.


Prof. Gambari also added that UNAMID is the most expensive UN operation at the moment and it is the only UN operation implemented without any prior peace agreement. “UNAMID is the most expensive mission in UN history with an annual expenditure of US$ 1.8 billion. UNAMID is tasked with two difficult responsibilities, namely to bring in peace and to maintain peace”, said Gambari.
Meet the GARUDA Contingent
Ambassador Sujatmiko, who spends the night at the UN Super Camp, also took the opportunity to meet with 140 officers of the Indonesian National Police. “They are members of the GARUDA contingent who served under the UN to maintain peace in Darfur”, explained Sujatmiko.


According to the Indonesian Ambassador, the deployment of the GARUDA Contingent is a concrete contribution by Indonesia in maintaining world peace. “Indonesia is taking an active part in the peace mission in Darfur by sending the GARUDA contingent which is now entering its third year”, he added (source: Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia, Khartoum/ed.Yo2k)