Embassy of Indonesia Introduces Featured Products in Sudan Exhibitions


Embassy of Indonesia in Khartoum opens a booth at the Khartoum International Exhibition the 29th. This step is done to introduced competitive products to the local communities in Sudan, and Africa region. “Stan Indonesia exhibit superior products and strategic Indonesia, such as ceramics, automobile tires, automotive parts, paper and handicrafts,” said Chief Information Function, Social and Cultural Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia (KBRI) Khartoum, Muhammad Syafi. Saturday (01.28.12). Syafri revealed, some Indonesian products such as accumulators and instant noodles are widely spread in Sudan, but are generally local people not aware that it is a product of Indonesia. mentioned, the Assistants the President of Sudan, Abdul-Rahman Al-Saddiq Al-Mahdi after opening the exhibition, had occasion to visit the pavilion Indonesia and talking with Ambassador to Sudan, Dr Sujatmiko. In addition to visits by local officials and the general public, mass media such as television stations nationwide Sudan and Blue Nile TV also covered and interviews with Embassy staff Khartoum who were on duty. The number of visitors in the pavilion Indonesia reaches 3,000 people every day, both from residents Sudanese and businessmen from other countries, which helped to look for opportunities of trade cooperation with Indonesia. “This international exhibitions as a meeting point among African businessmen with businessmen from other countries,” said Syafri. Embassy of Indonesia Khatroum utilize the international exhibitions to promote education, tourism, and culture of Indonesia through the brochures, documentary film screenings. The exhibition that was held by the Sudanese Free Zone and Market Co. Ltd. (SFZM) that lasted for nine days, 25 January-2 February 2012. In addition to Indonesia, a number of foreign countries also participated in the annual exhibitions such as Malaysia, Kuwait, Turkey, Italy, Egypt, Jordan, and Brazil. Malaysia and Kuwait are in operation in 2011 did not participate, this year opens pavilion large enough for seeing a very promising prospect in Sudan, he said. (haloindo.com)