Darmasiswa RI Scholarship, Interview session in Khartoum

On Thursday 12 March 2015,  Indonesian Embassy in Khartoum interviewed two Sudanese candidates, who had applied and fitted administratively, for Indonesian Scholarship “Darmasiswa RI 2015/2016”.  
Darmasiswa RI 2015/2016 is a non-degree scholarship program offered by the Indonesian Government for foreign students to study Indonesian Language, arts, music, crafts and particular subjects, in selected higher education institutions in Indonesia.
Few Sudanese students put high interest on the scholarship offered by the Government of Indonesia. They are eager to participate on the program following the Embassy’s announcement.

In a line, the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Indonesia to the Republic of the Sudan and State of Eritrea, H.E. Burhanuddin Badr Zaman, in several occasions has expressed to respectful partners that the increasing of people to people contact will boost bilateral relations between the two countries and nations in the future, for example by providing scholarships for the peoples. It is then in medium term, the awardees will contribute for their countries on their respective sectors as long as strengthen bilateral relations, including on trade and investment cooperation.
In the mean time, the Embassy is also opening and processing for the 2015 Kemitraan Negara Berkembang(KNB)/ Developing Countries Partnership Scholarship for Sudanese and Eritrean students. The interested applicants are expected to submit their applications by March 2015.