Polani’s Group to promote Indonesia’s tourism potential

​“There has been a significant increase in the number of Pakistani visitors to Indonesia in the last two years. In 2014, there was a 40% increase of tourist and social visas issued by Indonesian Consulate General in Karachi compared to previous year which shows a growing interest of Pakistani people to visit Indonesia in parallel with our efforts to promote many potential tourist destinations in Indonesia,” said Indonesian Consul General, Hadi Santoso in a meeting with Chairman Aviation Standing Committee, Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI), Muhammad Yahya Polani,  in his office, Tuesday (14/4/2015).

He noted that number of Pakistani travelers to Indonesia is still far below the existing potential, particularly compared to Pakistani travelers to neighboring countries of Indonesia, such as Thailand and Malaysia that reached hundreds of thousand visitors annually.
On the occasion, Indonesian Consul General called upon Polani who is also a Chairman of Travel Agent Association of Pakistan to benefit from lucrative business in tourism sector in Indonesia and to establish a joint cooperation in a bid to increase Pakistani travelers to Indonesia, particularly in trade, tourism and social sectors.
 “We fully support the proposed joint cooperation between our company and the Indonesian Consulate General to promote and disseminate information on lucrative business environment in Indonesia that could be benefitted by Pakistani businessmen, as well as promoting Indonesia as one of the major tourist destinations among Pakistani travelers,” Polani said enthusiastically while giving a positive response to the initiative.
“We ask the Indonesian Consulate General to provide us with more information about potential tourist destinations in Indonesia through brochures, booklets, leaflets etc, and find us some reliable travel agents in Indonesia as our joint partners,” he added.   
He also highlighted the significance of opening Karachi-Indonesia direct flight by Indonesian national carrier (Garuda) keeping in view the significant number of Pakistani travelers to South-East Asian region. Besides, recently, Thai Airways is the only carrier offering direct flights to the region with six flights a week through TG A330-300. (Source: Indonesian Consulate General, Karachi)