Indonesia shares the festival of Hamara Karachi, Pakistan


The Consulate of the Republic Indonesia took part in Hamara Karachi Festival which was held at Karachi Press Club on Saturday the 13th March, 2010. The purpose of taking part in the festival was to promote Indonesian Art and Culture to the people of Sindh to further boost the bilateral relations between the two brotherly countries, Indonesia and Pakistan.
In his speech Mr. Trigustono Supriyanto, Acting Consul General welcomed the guests for attending the Hamara Karachi Festival organized by Hamara Karachi Foundation. He explained that the Indonesian Consulate General continuously taking part in all major events in the province Sindh by holding different social and cultural performances of Indonesia. The Acting Consul General of the Republic of Indonesia further said that the purpose of taking part in such kind of events is to introduce Indonesian culture to the Pakistani brothers and sisters and to prove their solidarity and harmony with the people of Pakistan especially the people of Sindh. He thanked Mrs. Nasreen Jalil for providing a chance to the Indonesian Consulate General to join the celebrations of Hamara Karachi and to show their unity and goodwill with the people of Karachi.
Mr. Trigustono Supriyanto also informed the audience that the Government of the Republic of Indonesia has announced Scholarship for Master Degree Program for the Academic Year 2010/2011 to the Pakistani students in the fields of Humanities, Science, Agricultural Science, Social Science, Engineer, Education and Multi-disciplinary Studies to promote deeper cultural understanding and to strengthen the relationship and mutual cooperation with the people and the government of Pakistan. He further said that he is sure to receive full cooperation from the people of Sindh in achieving his goal to educate the people of Sindh, especially the young generation about Indonesia and also to know more about Sindh and its very rich culture.
Five different types of Indonesian dances were demonstrated by Indonesian students during the Indonesian Cultural Show at Hamara Karachi Festival. The dances were Yapong Dance, Tanjung Katung Dance, Piring Dance and Indang Badindin Dance.
The traditional music “Angklung” also demonstrated during the show. Four kinds of song such as: Mother how are you today, Kuch Kuch Hutahe, Kopi Dangdut and Ye Watan Tumara Hai with the traditional music Angklung were also demonstrated during the show.
Before the conclusion of the festival, the Indonesian Artists presented the most interesting dance, Poco-poco. The Acting Consul general along with his staff, President of Hamara Karachi Foundation, President and Secretary of Press Club and large number of audiences took part in the dance. The colorfull and most interesting festival concluded and large number of audiences enjoyed the Indonesian performances with great interest.