Geo TV Pakistan “Nadia Khan Show (NKS), Indonesia Special”, Indonesian Consulate Efforts to Promote Indonesia


The Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia in Karachi always prepared to avail every chance and opportunity to provide more and more knowledge about Indonesia to the people of Pakistan especially to the people of Sindh by regularly attending every function and event in Karachi. 


In order to promote Indonesia in a much attractive and fascinating manner, the Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia in collaboration with GEO TV Pakistan and the team of Nadia Khan Show (NKS) visited Indonesia from 22 April to 02 May, 2010. The team recorded TV program “Nadia Khan Show (NKS), Indonesia Special”. This Show is known to be a popular program in Pakistan and is a program of entertainment, interactive, quite interesting and admired by the people of Pakistan. It is also rated No. 1 program while this could be seen in 160 countries of the world.



For this purpose the team visited many beautiful tourist destinations in the cities of Jakarta, Bukittinggi, Bali and Bandung. Geo TV Pakistan recorded different most attractive tourist destination to compose “Nadia Khan Show, Indonesia Special”.


Before telecasting this program, GEO TV Pakistan gave wide range of coverage by advertising “Nadia Khan Show, Indonesia special” for 10 (ten) days which briefed Indonesia as: one country, with 17,508 Islands, 500 different cultures, the land where art and beauty meets, adventure and excitement, nature in harmony 2000 years of tradition and Indonesia as ultimate in diversify and the most varied destination any where.


The Nadia Khan Show, Indonesia Special  was on air from 17 to 21 May, 2010 and have been telecasted twice a day from 9.00 to 11.00 am and has been repeated at 11.30 pm. In her program, Nadia Khan said that people of Indonesia are smiling and always welcomed the guests.  Nadia Khan wants to visit Indonesia again because of its very rich culture and varied destinations.


In the last episode of “Nadia Khan Show (NKS), Indonesia Special”, the Acting Consul General of the Republic of Indonesia in Karachi, Mr. Trigustono Supriyanto invited Pakistanis to come to Indonesia and greeted the august audience and thanked to GEO TV and NKS for Promoting Indonesia through this very popular Show.


“Nadia Khan Show, Indonesia Special” would certainly attract the brotherly people of Pakistan to know much better about Indonesia with its beautiful tourist destinations and culture and would certainly divert their intention to visit Indonesia during their impending future vacations.