Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia, Karachi : Tanjung Katung Dance made the event of International “ Gourmet” more interest and colourful


A Colorful International Gourmet was held at the Campus of Air War College on Sunday, 03 January, 2009.  On the invitation of the Commandant of Air War College, the Indonesian Consulate General in Karachi took part in the function.  16 participants from 11 countries and 5 participants from the 4 provinces of Pakistan took active part in this function.  Besides, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, China, Egypt, Iran, Jordan, Malaysia, Nigeria, Turkey, Bangladesh and Libya were the other countries who participated in this function.


16 stalls were provided to the participating countries to display their products, like handicraft and brochures).  Indonesian Consulate General in Karachi played a leading role in the function by displaying Indonesian traditional dances namely, Ronggeng Blantek and Tanjung Katung Dance.  Delicious Indonesian foods served during the festival where Indonesian famous Chicken Satay, Fried Noodles, Sweet Coconut Rolls, Indonesian Chicken Rolls, Peanut Crackers, etc. were served. 


The participating congregation showed their great interest and anxiety.  Wife of the Chief Guest, Commandant Air War College, Mrs. Tubraz specially thanked the Indonesian Performers and applauded the sprit of the Indonesian Consulate General for show keen interest and making the event more interest and colorful.  The Indonesian Consulate General has always been trying to bring more know knowledge about Indonesia by attending regularly all events and functions of Karachi, by displaying Indonesian Products, Indonesian Traditional Foods, Indonesian Cultural Performances, so that the new generation of Pakistan could be able to know about Indonesia and much attractive and fascinating way.


The Chief Guest, Commandant, Air War College, Pakistan Air Forced was so please with the Indonesian Performances that he especially asked the participating Indonesian students to have a group photograph with him.